Access Bank Ghana ranked best company in customer service


Access Bank Ghana has been ranked as the best company in customer service across all industries in Ghana for the year 2020.

In the research, the Ghana Customer Service Index (GCSI) report shows that the bank had a score of 89.15%.

Over the past three years, Access Bank has been recording a consistent improvement, giving credence to its stated commitment to give customers an experience beyond banking.

The bank in the 2019 report ranked number one in the banking industry, beating other top-tier banks.

In the research conducted in 2020, data was collected from over 3,000 responds in the country’s capital, Accra and two other regions, Kumasi and Takoradi.

The data focused on key metrics such as trust, look and feel, competence, professionalism, ease of doing business, processes and procedures, and customer-focused innovations.

The rest are Engagement with Customers, Complaints and Feedback, and Coronavirus Preparedness.

According to the Institute of Customer Service Professionals (ICSP), the survey covered ten economic sectors: namely banking, utilities, insurance, telecommunications, hospitality, healthcare, retail malls, public institutions, online businesses and transportation.

This was revealed during a brief ceremony that was held to present its findings to stakeholders and the media.

Commenting on the rankings, the Managing Director for Access Bank Ghana, Mr. Olumide Olatunji, indicated that the bank’s continuous improvement of customer service demonstrates its commitment to using customer feedback as a critical tool for business growth; and further shows its measures put in place for service delivery are yielding desired customer results.

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Mr. Olatunji noted that they continue to review our processes to ensure they deliver best-in-class customer experience to their wide customer base, as part of their commitment toward building a sustainable business franchise in Ghana.

“Customer service is engrained in our business operations, and we believe the journey towards achieving our vision of a leading retail bank in Ghana must have the strong backbone of customer service. We continue to review our processes to ensure we deliver best-in-class customer experience to our wide customer base, as part of our commitment toward building a sustainable business franchise in Ghana” he said.

Access Bank Ghana MD Olumide Olatunji. Photo/Courtesy

The GCSI is a yearly report that provides an insight into the state of customer service in Ghana.

GCSI uses a 3-component approach: research, traditional surveys (face to face, telephone and written questionnaires) and online surveys as a basis to measure the performance of businesses vis-à-vis their customer relations.

The Index determines the “degree of satisfaction” of customers who patronise the services of companies – both private and public.

In its 2019 Customer Service Index, the Institute of Customer Service Professionals (ICSP) has scored Ghana 62.61 per cent.

This represents a 1.38 per cent drop from the 63.99 per cent recorded in 2018.

The 62.61 per cent score puts Ghana in grade C, denoting an average performance in the area of customer service relations.

The ICSP’s 2019 ranking focused on nine sectors of the economy. They include financial institutions (bank/insurance), Utilities, telecommunications, hospitality, healthcare, retail malls (Food and non-food), public institutions, and online businesses.

The retail sector came top as the sector with the best customer care service in Ghana.

Customers were asked to rate their experience of dealing with the selected sectors and each customer can rate only one organization per sector. Each customer completed the survey for up to 8 different sectors.

The metrics and indicative areas reflected the priorities customers identified as the most important attribute of customer experience.

Speaking at the launch of the 2019 Customer Service Index, chief executive officer of the Institute of Customer Service Professionals, Yvonne Ohui McCarthy, said the drop does not create an impressive outlook of Ghana to investors.

“With the increasing awareness of customers’ rights and demands, it has become important now more than ever to pay particular attention to our customer service culture as a nation with the aim of attracting foreign investments and also to help make the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda a possibility,” he said.


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