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10 Richest Men in the World List


Every year Forbes put out a list of the top 10 richest man in the world. This list varies every year according to their financial buildup & performance. In this article, we put out the list of 10 richest people in the world according to the Forbes list of 11 January 2021. Here we will also discuss some of the interesting facts regarding each billionaire.

Elon Musk


Net worth – $189.7 billion

Tesla Inc co-founder Elon Musk Surpasses Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest person on 11 January 2021. Tesla produces an electric car whose net worth is around $100 billion. Elon Musk’s rocket company, i.e., SpaceX, also value at around $100billion. Tesla produced half a million cars in 2020, becoming the world’s most valuable tech giant automobile company.


Jeff Bezos


Net worth – $185.7 billion

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is now the world’s second-richest person in world according to Forbes. Bezos owns 11% of Amazon. Jeff Bezos also owns a 16% share of Online retailers, out of which 4% share got transferred to Jeff Bezos’ wife MacKenzie after the couple got divorced. Amazon is one most valuable companies whose net worth is $1trillion.


Bernard Arnault & family


Net worth – $155.4 billion

LVMH – CEO Bernard Arnault is considered the third richest person in the world and the wealthiest person in Europe. Bernard’s net worth is $155.4 billion. He derives his wealth from 70 different brands such as Marc Jacobs., Louis Vuitton & Sephora.


Bill Gates


Net worth – $122 billion

The co-founder of the largest charitable foundation “Bill & Melinda Gates foundation” gained his fortune from a Microsoft software company. Bill Gates launched Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975. Microsoft was first recognized when IBM asked Microsoft to develop a new operating system for their computers. Besides Microsoft, Bill gates own a Cascade Investment company, a private investment company for stocks & shares.


Mark Zuckerberg


Net worth – $97.9 billion

Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire who got the tag of a billionaire at the age of 23. Mark acquired his fortune from his social networking company, Facebook. Initially, Facebook was launched to connect friends in colleges; eventually, the platform became the most popular social network, estimated to have 2.2 billion active users. Other than Facebook, the company owns Instagram & WhatsApp. In 2020 Mark Zuckerberg crossed the $100 billion mark because of the newly launched feature on Instagram, i.e., the Instagram reels.


Zhong Shanshan


Net worth – $94.4 billion

This Chinese billionaire has made to the list of 10 richest men in the world and richest person in Asia, all thanks to his beverage company Nongfu Spring in China. Before owning a company, Zhong held various odd jobs like a construction worker and many more. Zhong Shanshan also owns a pharma company known as Wantai.


Larry Ellison


Net worth – $89.4 billion

Larry Ellison derives his fortune from a tech company known as Oracle Corporation, cofounded in 1977. Other than Oracle, he owns stakes from companies like Tesla, Salesforce.com. In 2014 Larry Ellison quit the post of CEO and became the chief advisor of the company. Larry Ellison also owns Hawaiian Island Lanai.


Warren Buffet


Net worth – $88.6 billion

Warren Buffet, also known as the “Oracle of Omaha,” is one of the world’s wealthiest people. He is the CEO of the largest Stockholder Berkshire Hathaway. Initially, he worked as a security analyst before starting his own company. Other than Berkshire Hathaway, he also owns GEICO, Duracell, American Express, Apple, and many more.


Larry Page


Net worth – $79.2 billion

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google. He cofounded Google in 1998 with Sergey Brin. His estimated net worth is $79.2 billion. He is in the 9th position in terms of the 10 richest people in the world. Other than google, he is also the co-founder of Alphabet. In 2019 Larry Page quite the position of CEO of Alphabet. He has also invested in planetary resources. He is also funding startup ideas like “Flying Car.”


Sergey Brin


Net worth – $77.0 billion

Sergey Brin comes at 10th position in the list of 10 richest man in the world. He is the co-founder of Alphabet, along with Larry Page. He also owns Google, which was formed in 1998. Brin quit the position of president in Alphabet.



Here is the list of the top 10 richest people in the world. We tried to impart all the facts regarding their financial performance. Other than that, we also added how they derived their fortune from. In short, we put out the list of wealthiest people around the globe.


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