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Faze Bank is an American you tuber and one of the owners of the e-sport organization of faze clan,  known by his alias Faze bank, whose name is Richard Bengtson. He was born on the 18th of October, 1991, in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

He is also known for his short temper. Richard began his career in 2011 and created a channel named ‘bankshasbank’ his first video was ‘the single greatest soaring in style’ posted in 2011.

He joined the ‘Call of Duty gaming group faze clan in 2013 and changed his name to faze banks.  Faze bank is very passionate about vlogging and also serves as a producer, songwriter, and composer.

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Full name-  Richard Bengtson
Source of wealth- You tubing
Age- 29
Birthplace- Lawrence
Height-  1.88M
Nationality-  American
Date of birth- October 18, 1991
Occupation- You tuber
Marital status-  unmarried
Updated- sep 2021
FaZe Banks with Alissa Violet. Source: Teen Vogue

Faze Banks Net worth

As of 2021, faze bank’s net worth is  $ 13 million.

In 2011, he began his career as a YouTuber, and in 2016 he reached 1 million subscribers, 2 million by August 2017, and 3 million in a few weeks.

After 3years of joining, his account reached 100 million views. On Instagram, 2.5 million followers under the name faze banks.

At the end of the year 2021, The faze banks channel will be high, Faze banks channel will have 5 million subscribers with around 450 million views, with 600000 daily views from different sources. He will get revenue of about $2400 a day.


  • He has 5.36 million subscribers on youtube.
  • 6 million followers on Twitter.
  • ‘Reacting to my girlfriend’s vines’ (16 million views in 2017).
  • 8 million followers on Instagram
  • $66000 a year earning.

He spent his life in gaming, now became the founder of faze clan, an e-sports company that began as a gaming group.

His 2018 net worth was $5 million, 2019 net worth was $8 million, and 2020 net worth was $11.5 million.

Faze Banks Personal life

Richard Bengtson was born on the 18th of October, 1991, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He grew up with his family in Miami when he was young. when he was 7 years old, he moved to another town Lowell. He was a troublemaker in his childhood. Richard completed high school and graduated from there in 2010.

He is always a sensation for the press. He always is in touch with his fans.

His hard work is visible in his gaming industry and makes him popular until now.

He completed his education. And he stopped uploading videos only to focus on growing up in the e-sport organization because he loved playing games in his childhood, so he turned his passion into a profession.

With his passion for vlogging, he became the owner of the gaming group and achieved a lot with it.

In 2017, he met Alissa Violet during his growth time in his career. Alissa Violet is an Instagram model. They were dating each other and their relationship has been a media sensation at that time.

Faze Banks Career life

Social media is a great platform to grow up, especially for teenagers. Richard Bengston got the opportunity because he was very talented and creative.

He started his career in 2011. In youtube, he posted his very first video named “The Single Greatest Souring in Style” on the 5th of October, 2011. His channel name was ‘BankshasBank’.

One of the most popular videos is named ‘Crashing Faze Temperrs Car!’.

‘Bankshasbank’ or ‘Faze Banks’ has more than 5 million subscribers and 100 million views on his videos.

It seems hard to believe but Faze Bank gets success from simply being in the right place at the right time.

He changed the content of his channel and included pranks, challenges, and reaction videos. People also called him a prankster. While as a career YouTuber he was growing, Banks decided to raid into the world of gaming by connecting with the ‘Call of Duty gaming group faze clan while was living in Miami. He has a great following in the call of duty world. In 2013, he joined faze clan and now he serves as The Chief Operating Officer. He was leading team sour.

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First, he started to post small clips of his gaming video. In the gaming videos, he gives tips for playing.

He has known for having excellent leadership.

He is living at Faze house and trying to get talented employees to grow up his gaming group.

His other interest is music; he is a producer, composer, and songwriter also.

He was putting in his strength to get the results, he expected. he was having other sources also from where he was earning. The youtube group ‘CloutGang’, was founded by him in March 2017.

He did work with many YouTubers like Logan Paul, Rice Gum, Alissa violet.

He was serving as a member of other pages, Faze rug, Faze apex, Faze High sky, faze kay, faze sway, Tfue, Faze Blaziken, and Faze Jarvis.

He has had quite an interesting journey in his career. He earned great growth without any harsh dips.

Luxurious lifestyle

His style likes many people, so he decided to launch a clothing brand. He released his brand with pics of his own.

Some facts about Faze banks

  • Faze bank has a spot on its head that is why he wears a hat.
  • He invested in the real state.
  • He gets involved in a bar fight.
  • He is very short-tempered.
  • He also ventured into music.

FAQs related to Faze banks

  1. Who is Faze bank?

Faze bank is a You tuber. And one of the founders of faze clan gaming group.

  1. How much does Faze bank earn?

This year, he is earning $13 million.

  1. What is Faze Banks’ real name?

His real name is Richard Bengston but he is called by Ricky banks also.

  1. Who are Faze Banks’ parents?

There is no information about his parents.

  1. Why is he so famous?

By you tubing and gaming, he got fame.

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