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  • ECOWAS member states fed 22.4 million school-going children in 2022, up from 20 million learners in 2020.
  • This represents 42% of the 53 million school children in Sub-Saharan Africa who were fed through school feeding programs last year.
  • School feeding intervention, as it happens in Rwanda, can immensely boost agriculture, education, health and nutrition, and social protection sectors. 

The past two years have seen West African countries grapple with a number of crises driven by conflict, climate shocks, and a slow recovery from COVID-19 economic fallout worsened by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. 

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) member States are, however, defying these tough economic times, emerging as having fed the largest number of school-aged children in Africa.

According to The 2022 State of School Feeding Worldwide report, Ecowas member states fed 22.4 million school-going children in 2022. This was an increase from 20 million children fed

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Credit market in Kenya

Kenya’s private sector and households are grappling with costly credit, a government report now indicates, curtailing key investments by firms and individuals despite a stable financial sector. One of the main criticisms of the credit market in Kenya is that the cost of credit and the interest rate spread by the banking sector is high.
On average, the annual interest rate for the Kenyan banking sector is within a range of 12 per cent to 14 per cent for various categories of loans offered, according to the Kenya Economic Report 2023 by the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA).…

Kenya Haiti
  • Kenya police will lead a global force to Haiti, a country where violent gangs control 80% of the capital Port-au-Prince.
  • At the UN Security Council, the US-backed resolution got 13 votes in favour, while China and Russia opted for abstention.
  • Critics of the Kenyan-led mission have raised concerns about the track record of police forces in Kenya.

Kenya has warmly embraced the United Nations Security Council resolution designating it to lead an international contingent of armed police to combat Haitian gangs. President William Ruto, in a speech delivered shortly after the resolution’s adoption, expressed his strong support, characterizing it as a mission of profound significance for humanity.

President Ruto said that the mission’s primary objective is to empower the multinational security support mission in reinforcing the capabilities of the Haitian police. This involves providing operational assistance and undertaking collaborative measures to enhance the institutional capacity of the Haitian law enforcement.…

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.
  • European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says chaos in Africa’s Sahel leaves the area vulnerable to terrorism.
  • Von der Leyen says the situation in the Sahel directly impacts Europe’s security and prosperity.
  • The Sahel region has experienced eight coups across six nations, from Guinea to Sudan, in the last three years.

The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has pointed an accusing finger at Russia for orchestrating the roiling chaos gripping Africa’s Sahel region.

In her annual speech to the European Parliament in Brussels today, she noted that military coups currently plaguing Africa’s Sahel region have been a destabilizing factor, increasing the zone’s vulnerability to terrorism.

Von der Leyen made it clear that the European Union must significantly enhance its engagement with African countries, as the situation in the Sahel directly impacts Europe’s security and prosperity.

“We need to show the same unity of purpose towards Africa …

Libya's flood disaster

The eastern Libyan city of Derna has gone into mourning after catastrophic flooding that left about 10,000 people missing. Rescue teams have embarked on recovery efforts for the remains of loved ones as the scale of the disaster unfolds. Media reports say authorities estimate that close to 2,000 people have lost their lives in the Derna area alone.

The Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU) has issued a heartbreaking report stating that the entire road and bridge network in Derna has collapsed. This now calls for an estimated $67 million for reconstruction.…

AU joins G20
  • The African Union has been welcomed as a permanent member of the Group of 20, the world’s leading economies.
  • For the past seven years, the AU has lobbied for full membership in the G20.
  • As a G20 member, the AU will represent a continent that is home to the world’s largest free trade area and rich in the resources needed to tackle climate change.

In a historic move, the African Union (AU) has been welcomed as a permanent member of the Group of 20 (G20), the world’s leading economies. This development underscores Africa’s growing influence on the global stage, as over 50 African nations seek to play a more pivotal role in international affairs.

US President Joe Biden, who advocated for the AU’s inclusion, noted that this decision has been long overdue, while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended the invitation during his country’s G20 summit. “It is time for …

Morocco Earthquake

In a devastating turn of events, Morocco was struck by a rare and powerful earthquake late Friday night. The catastrophe claimed the lives of over 800 people and caused extensive damage across the region. The earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.8, is the strongest to hit Morocco in 120 years.

The impact of the quake reached from remote mountain villages in the Atlas Mountains to the historic city of Marrakech. However, the full extent of the tragedy remains unknown. Consequently, rescuers face treacherous boulder-strewn roads to reach the hardest-hit mountain communities.…

Africa Food Systems Forum 2023
  • Over 283 million Africans experience hunger daily, and millions suffer from malnutrition, a crisis that demands attention
  • Tanzania’s Samia Suluhu urges African leaders to prioritize the agriculture sector and align it with the 2014 Malabo Declaration.
  • Kenya’s William Ruto says the adoption of technology, including online distribution of fertilizer, is transforming agriculture.

Africa faces a pivotal moment where challenges looming on its doorstep can be transformed into opportunities to revamp and reshape its agriculture policies and strategies.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan emphasized this during the Africa Food Systems Summit 2023, held in Dar es Salaam from September 5-8.

Dr Samia urged African leaders to prioritize the agriculture sector, aligning their goals with current economic needs and the Malabo Declaration 2014, which calls for increased agriculture budgets and inclusive growth.

Over 283 million Africans experience hunger daily, and millions suffer from malnutrition, a crisis that demands attention. President Samia implored fellow …

Agriculture in Africa Agriculture in Tanzania AGRF 2023 Africa Food Systems Forum 2023

One remarkable shift at AGRF 2023 was the role accorded to Africa’s youth in shaping the discussions and actions concerning agriculture and food system transformation. Young innovators and farmers took center stage alongside heads of state, providing firsthand insights into the complex realities of farming in Africa. Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan amplified the youth’s voice in these critical conversations, recognizing their pivotal role in the agrarian revolution. President Samia shed light on the challenges faced by Africa’s youth in the agriculture sector, including access to information, land, capital, pest and disease management, and the ever-pressing issue of climate change.…