Sony Music songwriting camp underway in West Africa

  • Sony Music Publishing (SMP) has launched its inaugural songwriting camp in West Africa.
  • The programme, which started on January 5, 2023 will end on January 12.
  • Artists can benefit from Sony Music Publishing Songwriting Camp in a variety of ways.  

Sony Music Publishing (SMP) announced the launch of its inaugural songwriting camp in West Africa. The program, which began on January 5, 2023 and ends January 12, 2023 is an effort to support and drive growth opportunities for creative communities across Africa.

Led by SMP head of A&R, Wale Davies, the event will include sessions with renowned songwriters and artists such as Tems, Ladipoe, Lojay, GuiltyBeatz, Ozedikus, AV, Berwyn, Moon Willis, Jonny Coffer, Rymez among others. In addition to these interactive workshops there are also wellness activities as well as community outreach initiatives geared towards empowering upcoming generations of songwriters.

“It’s an honour to spearhead the inaugural Sony Music Publishing West Africa camp as we work to foster creativity and community across the roster and invest in the next generation of African talent,” Davies said.

This sentiment echoes throughout music industry professionals who recognize the importance programs like these have in helping cultivate young talent while providing them with resources needed for success within their field.

“As a Nigerian myself, it has always been a goal of mine to build bridges between the continent and the rest of the globe, and I am grateful for this opportunity to cultivate the future of music with SMP,” he added.

Sony Music Publishing Managing Director, Nigeria, Godwin Tom. [Photo/ Music in Africa]
Late last year, Sony Music Publishing opened its first office in Lagos, Nigeria, a welcome move that saw music entrepreneur, Godwin Tom appointed as its first-ever Managing Director.

“This camp is a part of Sony Music Publishing’s commitment to African songwriters and the continent. I am delighted to be a part of this important effort to build meaningful connections between African composers and artists, as well as the international music market. I also look forward to working together with our head of A&R for the continent, Wale Davies, along with our South African office as we further expand these songwriter-focused initiatives around the world,” said Tom.

According to Music in Africa, Godwin has dedicated the last 5 years of his career to bringing professionalism into the music industry by developing and training future stakeholders and leaders of the music industry through the Music Business Academy for Africa.

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Song writing as a business

The song writing market is a large and ever-evolving industry, with songwriters creating and selling music all around the world. Songwriters work with record labels, music publishers, music streaming services, and other music-related companies to create, license, and distribute their music.

There is a wide range of opportunities for songwriters, from writing custom songs for artists to creating library music for commercials and films. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, songwriters are increasingly finding new and creative ways to monetize their music, from selling their songs on streaming services to creating their own music publishing companies.

Song writing is the process of creating and arranging a song, which includes writing the lyrics, writing the music, and arranging the melody and other components of the song. Song writing can be done by a single person, or by a group of people working together. The process typically involves brainstorming ideas, experimenting with various musical and lyrical elements, and then refining and editing the song until it is ready for release.

Since the early ’90s, Sony Music Publishing has been home to the world’s best selection of songwriters, with classic catalogues including The Beatles, Michael Jackson and contemporary catalogues such as Rihanna, Beyoncé and many more. Sony Music Publishing has spent years creating a space for talented songwriters and artists to harness their skills and upscale their reach.

Sony Music Publishing, previously called Sony/ATV Music Publishing, is the largest music publishing company in the world and is co-owned by Sony Corporation and the Estate of Michael Jackson.

The company was rebranded with the new name and company logo in February 2021. It was originally founded as Associated Television (ATV) in 1955 by Lew Grade. In 1985, ATV Music Publishing was sold to Michael Jackson for US$47.5 million. In December 1995, Michael Jackson agreed to merge ATV Music Publishing with Sony Music Publishing, a division of Sony Corporation, to form Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

In 2012 an investor consortium led by Sony/ATV Music Publishing acquired EMI Music Publishing for approximately US$2.2 billion. Sony/ATV Music Publishing and EMI Music Publishing now operate as one company, with the former entity administering the catalog of the latter under a complex business structure. Following the acquisition, Sony/ATV Music Publishing is now the largest music publishing company in the world with over 2 million songs under management, including the old BMG catalogue.

So far, the camp has welcomed artists like Yemi Alade, Patoranking, and Tiwa Savage and the list of artists who have worked on tracks with the camp before is impressive. Tiwa Savage signed a Sony/ATV Music Publishing contract in 2009 after performing at the U.K.’s The X Factor edition.

Artists can gain valuable industry insights, network with other talented songwriters, and receive feedback on their work from experienced songwriting mentors from the song writing camp. Additionally, participants can hone their songwriting skills and learn about the basics of songwriting, as well as the advanced techniques and strategies used to write successful songs.

Overall, Sony Music Publishing Songwriting Camp can be a great opportunity for artists to gain valuable industry knowledge and experience.

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