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Africa Tech Skills
  • Energy, skills gap and poor infrastructure remain huge hinderances to realizing tech-enabled economic growth in Africa.
  • Investments in technology can offer an accelerated pathway to inclusive productivity growth in Africa. However, many economies are struggling to make progress.
  • Modern technology offers chance to foster entrepreneurship and innovation while attracting foreign direct investments.

New technology has fostered growth in all industries for all centuries and Africa is banking on tech-enabled economic growth albeit with struggles. For economies to have an edge over their peers, technology plays a vital role

Technology can help businesses grow on one hand and especially emerging technology has the potential to create jobs.

“The first half of 2023 has seen a resurgence of enthusiasm about technology’s potential to catalyze progress in business and society,” says Micheal Chui in his report: Technology Trends Outlook 2023.

“Investment in most tech trends tightened year over year, but the potential for…

Opening up new channels for African creative professionals are Akoobooks (Ama Dadson of Ghana), Casting Africa (Kwasi Bosiako Antwi of Ghana) & Kipepeo (Marie Behrens & Warren Pougnet of Mauritius)
Those diversifying access to financing – MyWagePay (Beth Mwangi & Patrick Pere of Kenya), CNG Transfer (Emmanuel Tochi and Ken Omulo of Nigeria & Kenya), SaveApp (Aziz Omar Masumbuko of Kenya) and Cashback (Inès Assoumou of Cote d’Ivoire);
In navigating last-mile mobility with style, it is DeliverASAP (Oyedayo Oyeniran of Nigeria) including vehicle maintenance for the long haul – Motor Parts Nation (Genera Moore of Ghana).…