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Using microbes, Kenyan scientists have developed an animal feed supplement that can help improve Tanzania's low performing dairy industry. Photo/FarmbizAfrica
  • Microbe animal feed supplement doubles milk production in 24hrs
  • Bacterial solution solves aflatoxin problem in animal feed
  • Tanzania dairy industry to benefit from Kenyan feed supplement

Kenyan dairy farming scientists have developed a molasses-based animal feed supplement that is capable of doubling milk production in just 24 hours.

Using naturally occurring microbes, scientists have figured a way to ‘pre-ferment’ or ‘pre-digest’ animal feed which in turn allows for the cow’s body to easily and quickly absorb nutrients and in turn produce more milk much faster.

Cows, like most other ruminant herbivores, do not have the time to properly chew their feed in the field, this could be a natural self-preservation adaptation i.e. quickly collect the feed when in a hazardous environment filled with predators and only process it later in the safety of their resting places.

Grass is stored in one of the four chambers (four stomachs) before being regurgitated …

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Nigeria has made a move to stop the rejection of the country’s crops by other nations.

The move is being spearheaded by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), government agencies and private firms.

The plan was announced in a statement that was issued at the end of a one day workshop.

that was organized by Harvest field industries Limited and IITA.

The workshop was aimed at sharing results of aflatoxin levels in maize sampled nationwide under the CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme 2020 Wet Season Project.

The plan to stop the rejection of crops produced in Nigeria follows the adoption of appropriate technologies for the reduction of aflatoxin in crops, food, feeds and livestock which is expected to help achieve zero rejection of commodities exported from Nigeria.

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The one-day workshop in Abuja …