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truck assembly
  • China has launched a truck assembly plant in Tanzania.
  • At the same time, President Samia has ordered long-stalled coal and iron mines to be revived.
  • Over 1000 persons to be relocated to establish coal and iron mines .

Tanzania has inaugurated a new truck assembly plant to be run by a Chinese company as the country pushes its industrialization agenda. This truck assembly plant has raised talks of power and metal ore supply for companies, and two key mines have resurfaced, the Mchuchuma coal and Liganga iron ore mines.

Known as the Saturn Corporation Limited Company, the truck assembly plant has this May been inaugurated by the country’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Located in Kigamboni District of the coastal commercial port city of Dar es Salaam, the plant is run by China’s SinoTruk International. The company is renowned for trucks, tippers, tankers and spare parts under the premier brand

  • China signs deal to reopen closed uranium mining site in crisis-hit Niger.
  • Niger further agrees to give Chinese Company an oil pipeline deal.
  • China to build an industrial park for manufacturing, real estate, mining.

China has signed a deal with troubled West African nation of Niger for the reopening of a controversial uranium mining site. Before China, there was France, and now the question is, will Chinese leave Niger in a better condition than the Frenchmen?

China is actually looking to score a broad-based investment deal that will include the construction of an industrial park, and an oil pipeline among other investments. The industrial park is also to be the site for the development of the uranium mine in question or maybe a site for enrichment, the details of the deal are not yet clear.

Niger China uranium mining

Jiang Feng, the Chinese ambassador to Niger, made the revelations recently. …

China's global economic control

Xi Jinping has elevated the China-Africa friendship to its most significant level since Mao Zedong’s reign. With Xi getting a third five-year term and perhaps staying in power even longer, those relations will strengthen further. Thus, Africa will remain pivotal in China’s plans for global economic control.…

The US is pushing for friend-shoring pacts with Asia and Africa looking for more commitment in deal.

Pundits advise that the US is better off supporting the African Union’s Agenda 2063 even though the US strategy is exclusive for Sub-Saharan Africa. However, that part of Africa is still accounted for in the continent-wide Agenda 2063. It would bode well for all parties concerned if US support to Sub Sahara Africa served to help the region better place itself in the overall African vision.

There is the matter of friend-shoring as well, Africa feels the US gave Asia a much better deal, more explicit, more concrete, specific and committed than it ever did with the motherland. How will it play out? Will the US-China trade war help Africa secure a better deal from China than the US?

Even though the strategy does mention a willingness to facilitate ‘new geographic groupings’, it is not specific as to what these new alliances are and what they will mean in terms …

China waived debt for 17 African countries to argue against western bullying

According to the database maintained by the China Africa Research Initiative (CARI), between 2000 and 2020, Chinese financiers and African governments signed more than 1,180 loan commitments totalling US$160 billion.

Of these, two-thirds were for transport, power, and mining projects. To put it in dollar terms, the countries that have borrowed the most from China are Angola, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Cameroon.

Yi committed to continuing Chinese investment in Africa, including financial backing for a “Great Green Wall” to combat climate change, the provision of food aid to seventeen nations, and increased Chinese imports from Africa.…

Sunripe Flags Off First Cargo Of Fresh Avocados To China

To maintain compliance with the standards for the China market, KEPHIS is still conducting audits of farms, packhouses, and fumigation facilities interested in exporting fresh avocado to China. Farms and facilities that comply should also be submitted to GACC for approval.

Following the early January 2022 signing of two treaties to promote bilateral commerce, specifically the sale of avocados and aquatic products from Kenya to China by Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya and Chinese Ambassador Zhou Pingjian, the export of fresh avocados to China has begun.

Kenya is also preparing to sell black tea to the enormous Chinese market in response to the growing demand generated by the leaf.

According to Kenya’s ambassador-designate to Beijing, Muthoni Gichohi, Kenyan tea is one of the most popular in the East Asian nation, with black tea markets rising due to increased consumption. Some of Kenya’s tea manufacturers have begun collaborating with Chinese marketers …

China's Race For African Resources and Global Dominance through the Belt & Road Initiative
  • China’s ambition is to eclipse the United States as the leading economy in the world
  • The Belt and Road Initiative is China’s idea to increase economic cooperation with countries along six economic corridors using resources which will be procured from Africa
  • Africa is not among the 6 corridors of the Belt & Road Initiative espoused by China but is the biggest if not the sole supplier of the basic resources necessary for the initiative to succeed
  • China has become a globally recognized military super power
  • China has the largest reserves of United States dollars of any country in the world.
  • Africa needs to become the 7th corridor of the Belt & Road Initiative
  • Africa’s resources and China’s nearly insatiable appetite for them present a golden opportunity for African countries to grow their economies and emerge out of poverty

China’s President Xi Jinping’s ambition is to make his country a superpower …

CGTN China Africa

Until 2019 Africa and china had an eccentric lending experience. This includes the lending spree featuring more than $10 billion a year from 2012 to 2017, higher than $1 billion in 2001, sadly China lending to Sub-saharan Africa has fallen short due to serious defaulting fears.

A detailed study executed by John Hopkins University’s China-Africa Research Initiative pointed out that, debt sustainability concerns have triggered lending to the African government to drop by 30 per cent in 2019.

China—the world top industrial economy has been a close lender to Africa—the world’s top raw material producer and fastest-growing economy over the past decade.

On the side of the fence, according to China’s 2021 White Paper on International Development Cooperation published in January, China has steadily increased the scale and further expanded the scope of its foreign aid, giving high priority to the least developed countries in Africa (Global Times).

Several media …