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The Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) said in a statement issued on Wednesday that the country is set to participate in the first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo to be held in Changsha, the capital of central China’s Hunan province between 18th and 20th June, 2019.

The body has also urged the local companies to grab the `golden chance` provided by the trade expo which will focus on trade, investment, finance, agriculture, mining, energy, tourism and infrastructure.

Officials will sign bilateral agreements during the exhibition, engage in investment promotions, and establish a “new mechanism” for future economic cooperation.

The expo is part of a slew of promises made by president Xi Jinping during last September’s Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing. During his speech to African leaders, President Xi proposed eight initiatives aimed at pursuing a “win-win” strategy giving new impetus to economic, political, and security collaboration. …

Private capital remains an important driver of investment activity in much of Africa

Office yields remained largely stable in most African markets over the past two years, anchored by patient domestic capital as local investors assume a longer-term perspective, a new analysis by Knight Frank shows.

The analysis, published in a new Knight Frank report dubbed Africa Horizons, shows that of the 35 office markets covered, yield remained stable in 16 locations in the two years to 2018 and rose in six, while 13 markets recorded declines.

Africa Horizons provides a unique guide to real estate investment opportunities on the continent, examining developments in agriculture, hospitality, healthcare, occupier services (office), capital markets, residential and logistics property sectors.

“By taking a longer-term perspective, and in some cases a lower return profile, local investors have remained more active than headline figures suggest. This explains how yields in most major markets have remained …

Coverage of retirement schemes in Kenya remains below 50%

Majority of Kenyans securing their old age by saving under retirement schemes are still exposed to tough times during sunset years, a survey has revealed.

The study by pension fund administrator Zamara Group has revealed that though pension’s legislation in the country has improved the governance and operations of the retirement funds, it has done little to improve the coverage and adequacy of retirement benefits to individuals.

Coverage of retirement schemes in Kenya has remained relatively low with less than 50 per cent of the formal sector covered and coverage of the much larger informal sector virtually non-existent.

According to Zamara Group CEO Sundeep Raichura, even those who are saving under retirement schemes have insufficient coverage to provide an adequate income when they retire.

The study which covered 65,000 retirement scheme members, spread across more than 200 retirement funds in the …

Loans from China hit a high of US$6.2 billion last year

The Chinese government has dismissed claims that it’s continued heavy lending to Kenya in the financing of mega infrastructure projects is a ‘ debt trap’, even as loans from Beijing hit a high of ShUS$6.2 billion(Sh625.9 billion) in December last year.

This is up from US$5.3 billion (Sh535 billion) a year earlier with a lion share going towards the construction of the multi-billion Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

“We are not putting Kenya into a debt trap. China-Africa corporation cannot put Africa into a trap but booming economic growth,” China’s Charge’ D’affaires (Nairobi) LI Xuhang said during a meeting in Nairobi on the update on the SGR and China-Kenya relations.

“Kenya can decide on who they want to partner with. Kenyan people are wise enough to choose their trade and corporation partners. They can decide who benefits them more,” Xuhang …

Emerging markets aviation services provider National Aviation Services says it will offer comprehensive ground handling and cargo services in Mozambique from July.

This will cover ramp, passenger and engineering services and include check-in, boarding, ramp handling, maintenance, cleaning as well as import and export cargo handling and storage for scheduled and ad-hoc airlines at all airports in Mozambique.

“Airline traffic is growing steadily in Mozambique. Coupled with the developing oil and gas, and mining sectors, there is a huge demand for air transport related goods and services for both cargo and passenger operations,” group CEO Hassan El Houry said in a statement.

“This requires heavy investment in the latest equipment, technologies and processes at the different airports in Mozambique, all of which NAS can provide easily. We look forward to utilizing our global experience and expertise to modernize operations and drive efficiency using the latest technologies and operational practices.”


Three years past the crisis period, economies are still performing poorly

The growth story in Sub-Saharan Africa in the past few years has been one of faltering recovery from the worst economic crisis of the past two decades.

This remains the case according to the World Bank’s April 2019, 19th edition of Africa’s Pulse, which estimates GDP growth in 2018 at a lower-than-expected 2.3 per cent, with a forecast to 2.8 per cent in 2019.

“Three years past the crisis period, we should be seeing a more widespread pickup in growth; instead we have downgraded our estimates again for 2018,” said Gerard Kambou, World Bank Senior Economist for Africa, “Leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa have the opportunity to build stronger domestic policies to withstand global volatility – and now is the time to act.”

The report notes that the three largest African economies—Nigeria, Angola and South Africa—play a big role …