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Expensive loans
  • Expensive loans remain a significant issue across populations engaged in agriculture in Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia.
  • A report by the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) says capital injection is a significant strategy agribusinesses use to survive.
  • Moreover, agribusinesses face high operational costs from fuel prices and low-profit margins driven by currency devaluations.

The lack of agriculture-friendly financial systems saw agribusinesses turn down expensive loan options in the market, with only 15 per cent taking on commercial capital in 2023 and the rest sourcing capital from friends, family and their business savings.

The incentives by the government channelled towards agriculture failed to adequately cushion Agribusinesses from economic shocks, a new report by Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) has revealed.

The African Agribusiness Outlook survey is conducted annually to gain insights into the sector’s top priorities, how they address challenges, and what SMEs see as opportunities.

A reflection …

JUNE NJOROGE MONOPOLY OF FOOD SYSTEMS ARTICLE Caption Kenya President Ruto meets US President Joe Biden on a diplomatic visit.

Activists and agriculture lobbyist have already protested the move by the government to lift the 10-year ban on GM foods. A joint statement signed by Greenpeace Africa and lobbyist groups argued that, “food security is not just about the amount of food, but the quality and safety. Our cultural and indigenous foods have proved to be safer, with diverse nutrients and with less harmful chemical inputs.”

Lobbyists insist that public participation could have taken place, prior to lifting the ban; and are championing for its reinstatement. Furthermore, they are advocating for an inclusive participatory process to be instituted or a taskforce onboarded, to investigate long-term and sustainable solutions to attain food security.

The move has elicited divergent views across the region. Tanzania is firmly opposed to the use of biotechnology in food production, and considering its proximity to Kenya, has upgraded its vigilance to ensure GM food or cash crops …

Cold Room. Cold chain solutions will levitate the economies of traders and retailers.

African Development Banks (AfDB) one of Africa’s vibrant development funders have levitated the cold storage chain industry in East Africa, by supporting it with a $10 million equity investment.

According to the bank’s statement, AfDB’s board of directors approved the sum which is part of the ARCH Cold Chain Solutions East Africa Fund (CCSEAF), which is targeted at supporting the development, construction and operation of greenfield cold storage, temperature-controlled solutions and distribution facilities in East Africa.

At the moment, several startups and business solutions have been established across East Africa, tackling storage challenges, one of them is Cold Solutions East Africa, which is one of the region’s leading temperature-controlled storage and logistics.

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AfDB is not the only financial institution to throw its resources into the cold storage arena, Rabobank is also dedicated to the same market in East Africa.…

Former Ethiopian PM Desalegn to Chair AGRA board after Strive Masiyiwa

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, (AGRA), an agricultural think tank and partnership-driven institution in Africa has announced a change of guard with leading entrepreneur and owner of Econet Group Strive Masiyiwa stepping aside and former Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn taking the helm.

The seat has had a high-level representation since the founding chairman Kofi Annan stepped aside. It has been instrumental in developing formidable partnerships in the continent is promoting agricultural growth and investments.

‘I am thankful that I succeed Mr. Masiyiwa, a remarkable continental leader, who leaves behind a solid organization and an impressive track record. I remain certain of his support in the journey to achieving the continent’s major agricultural prospects,” noted Hailemariam Desalegn.

“Around the world, food security ranks high up on the governments’ development agenda…the Maputo Declaration requires African countries to spend 10 percent of their national budgets in agriculture, part of …