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Agricultural productivity in Africa

Governments can play a crucial role in enhancing agricultural productivity in Africa for economic growth. Individual nations can accomplish this by establishing policy environments to promote agricultural investment, including providing tax incentives and subsidies to producers. Governments can also prioritize agricultural development in their national budgets by allocating a more significant proportion of their resources to the sector.…

A morsel of bread. Kenya needs political will to ensure that agricultural productivity increases to stave off hunger.

The KNBS report shows that the price of onions (leeks and bulbs), white bread, cooking oil (salad) and tomatoes increased by 7.46, 4.71, 4.62 and 4.55 per cent, respectively, in December 2021. Interestingly, these are the most basic household food items you will find in most homes.

When prices go up as much as they have done, it means that most households will either have to find alternatives or make do without these basic food items altogether.

In an election year, this is not something that Kenyans are prepared for especially with the decimation of job opportunities and livelihoods caused by the pandemic.

On another front, the country faces further hardships as consumer power declines. With food becoming scarce, the country is in dire straits already. Food production in Kenya is far behind demand. …

Hello Tractor and CTA launch partnership to support smallholder farmers access mechanization - The Exchange

Hello Tractor and CTA launch partnership to support smallholder farmers access mechanization

Hello Tractor and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) have announced the launch of a joint partnership project to increase smallholder farmers’ access to mechanization services and youth employment opportunities.

The partnership project will enable Hello Tractor to expand its services across Nigeria and Kenya over the next one year to connect 5,000 smallholder farmers to mechanization services, as well as to create jobs for youth as tractor operators and booking agents.

Best practices and lessons learned will be shared on implementing digital services for agricultural mechanization.

“We are delighted to partner with Hello Tractor in expanding its innovative digital platform to reach a large number of users that will contribute not only to modernizing smallholder agriculture and increasing productivity but also to attracting young people to agribusiness in Africa,” said Michael Hailu, Director