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Kyosk Acquires KwikBasket
  • Kyosk Digital Services has entered the African fresh produce market with the introduction of its Farm and Fresh line of business.
  • By connecting businesses, and consumers, Kyosk.App will facilitate transactions and enhances efficiency in supply chains.
  • Kyosk’s Farm & Fresh line aims to offer consistent market access, fair pricing, essential information and insights, and access to agricultural inputs.

Kyosk Digital Services, a digital-first and data-led distribution platform, is entering into the African fresh produce market with the introduction of its Farm and Fresh line of business.

This move follows Kyosk’s recent acquisition of KwikBasket, a well-established player in the agricultural industry. KwikBasket is known for its expertise in distributing agricultural products and providing valuable services to farmers. It also serves commercial kitchens, and other stakeholders in the food chain.

Specializing in online retail distribution, Kyosk Digital Services adopts a digital-first approach and leverages data-driven insights. The company aims to revolutionize …

Agri-tech is redefining agribusiness in Africa

Increased investments in agri-business will see Agriculture Technology (Agri-Tech) in Africa record massive growth. The food security crisis has ravaged many African countries. Consequently, the situation has attracted investor interest. This has instigated a digital revolution promoting the Agri-tech start-up ecosystem. Agri-tech startups remain instrumental in developing the agribusiness sector. The sector wields enormous economic potential for the continent.…

  • Agritech Analytics has received global and local recognition by onboarding at least 3,880 farmers.
  • Maryanne Gichanga participated in the COP27 Youth Adaptation Challenge in Egypt and won by a landslide.
  • In 2022, many investors backed up startups developing biological fertilizers, vertical farms and robots.

A young African woman is changing the pace of agriculture by implementing agritech to sustain her new livelihood. This Kenyan agripreneuer has discovered her green thumb by applying data analysis to detect pests and account for the resources a farm requires depending on size.

This innovative ex-banker is proving that Agritech is the next phase of Africa’s oldest and long-lasting economic activity. Africa’s digital transformation might encompass more than our manufacturing and financial industries.

Kenya’s queen of agritech

It is common knowledge that agriculture in Africa is a significant economic activity. Small-scale farmers from all over the continent bank their lives and their next meals to

  • This partnership will allow OCP Africa scale its Digital Agriculture Platform.
  • In 2021, Agriculture accounted for 17.2% of Africa’s total revenue.
  • Smallholder farmers estimate a loss of at least 15% of their entire yield during the food production process.

Microsoft has announced its partnership with OCP Africa through its Africa Transformation Office to improve Africa’s food security and Agritech at the 5th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries. The partnership will assist smallholder farmers increase agricultural production through Agritech.

OCP Africa is an agricultural company that supplies fertilizer solutions adapted to local conditions. The company has built a reputation with its initiative to support small-scale farmers within the continents. 

With Africa’s recent technological investments, more industries are incorporating technology to increase efficiency, boost performance and prevent any damage. Agritech is one of the few revolutionary concepts Africa has eagerly adopted over the past decade. This new collaboration will