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PAPSS and BUNA to develop an Africa-Arab payment gateway

For that purpose, PAPSS has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Buna, the Arab Monetary Fund’s cross-border payment system. Its objective is to make it feasible for central banks in the Arab world and financial institutions elsewhere to send and receive payments in local and international currencies.

“Buna offers potential for financial integration and economic integration in the Arab area and strengthens investment relations with global trading partners.”

According to officials who announced the arrangement on Tuesday, the latest partnership lays the groundwork for PAPSS and BUNA  to develop an Africa-Arab payment gateway.…

Professor Mohamed Chtatou

While Russia’s preferred visions and modes of action in the Maghreb seem to be fairly well identified, the perceptions and expectations, but also the possible reservations on the Maghreb are more rarely expressed by the leaders of these countries and little-studied at the academic level.

Perhaps we should look at this, as far as the powers that be are concerned, a concern for discretion regarding the sensitive aspects of this foreign policy component – this is particularly true for Algeria – an area on which they generally communicate little and for the academic research community in North Africa, a lack of knowledge related to the history, geography and culture of contemporary Russia.

If there is undoubtedly, on the Maghreb side and with important nuances from one country to another, a manifest interest in a development or a deepening of the partnership with Moscow, questions may remain about Russia’s objectives, especially …