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Zanzibar's presidency

Zanzibar, one of the most exotic tourist destinations in East Africa marked 100 days since its newly elected President Hussein Ali Mwinyi assumed positions of power.

The archipelago which is the autonomous region of Tanzania has been developing its efforts to enhance economic performance in the island over the past years. According to information from The Citizen, the 100 days old presidency is yet focused on transforming the country economy.

The presidency came to helms of power after the Zanzibar Vision 2020-2050 emerged to revitalize the archipelago economy particularly tapping into the sustainable utilization of the Indian ocean resources.

President Mwinyi told The Citizen that, the country has short- and long-term plans slated to ensure there are a success, accountability and quick decision making, which are key issues to a prompt acquisition of reforms in the island’s economy.

The economy of Zanzibar is rather dominated by agricultural, whereby most of …