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French's Canal+ Group acquires Rwandan studio Zacu TV
  • Since its inception in 2017, ZACU has made rapid strides toward being one of the most successful internet streaming service providers in East Africa
  • 19% of Rwandan households owned a TV in 2019, therefore the country’s 9.37 million mobile phone users make a considerably more viable business for digital content creators
  • Canal + already serves consumers in both Anglophone and Francophone West Africa, and it already has 23.7 million members all over the world

As part of its strategy to further consolidate its position in East Africa, the French company Canal+ Group has announced that it will be purchasing ZACU TV, Rwanda’s first digital streaming platform.

After recent forays into film production in West Africa, this current endeavor indicates that the French media behemoth recognizes the untapped potential of independent film production in Africa as an attraction for the growing on-demand viewership across the continent.

The decision to expand into …

French's Canal+ moves to tap into Nollywood billions through ROK

French Television Canal+ has acquired of Nigerian start-up production studio ROK from Africa on-demand Nollywood entity Iroku TV. This is seen as a move by the French Pay TV to venture into African local production that ROK is known for.

Nigerian film and cinema industry is known globally for its intriguing local content and it only thought to be second in terms of the number of production to India’s Bollywood. With nearly $4 billion in revenue and almost 2,000 productions every year, the industry has become a significant revenue earner for Nigeria.

The acquisition positions the French giant centrally to the management of local African content that has been in quite a demand in Africa. Not only does the French television has a rich African audience within France, but it has spread to most of West Africa providing a rich catchment for African content.

Canal+ owned by Vivendi aims to …