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Regional economies remained relatively strong despite the pandemic.PIC (KPA)

For instance, Burundi’s raw coffee exports increased from an average of Burundian Franc (BIF) 654 ($0.34) in the Q2’2020 to BIF 4500 ($2.32) in Q3’2020, while Ugandan exports increased by approximately 21 per cent between the second and the third quarter, while in Rwanda non-mineral exports increased by 46 per cent. 

According to the AERC Executive Director Professor Ndungu, the advent of the COVID-19 sent shockwaves in the emerging new sectors, such as tourism, manufacturing and financial intermediation compromising recovery.…

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The East African Business Council (EABC) has called on the East African Community partner states to mutually recognize COVID-19 certificates among on the bloc.

This will play a big role in easing up the traffic snarl up that has been happening at the regional borders since these measures were put in place.

Regional traders have in the past few months been complaining of delays at the border which is negatively affecting their businesses.

EABC has therefore called upon the EAC member states to restock reagents at border posts, to minimize traffic snarl-ups at the Busia and Malaba border posts.

Currently, the traffic of trucks headed to the Busia border starts at Mundika town, 15 kilometers to Busia border while the traffic snarl-up to Malaba one-stop border post is exceeding 30 kilometers.

With about 55 trucks stalled per kilometer, this implies that more than 2,400 trucks destined for Uganda are still …