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Digital development on Vice President Kamala Harris’ agendas as US data giant Starlink looks to set up shop in Tanzania. AGOA remains a touchy agenda as China and Russia increase trade investment across Africa. Photo/WTSP
  • US President Biden supports an African permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
  • Vice President Harris’ visit to pave way for Biden Africa tour later this year
  • US increased investment in Africa,still lags behind China

The United States Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to land in Africa this week where she will tour at least three countries. Her itinerary includes Ghana on March 26, then Tanzania on March 29, and finally Zambia on March 31.

This trip paves the way for the even more anticipated visit by President Joe Biden, as promised at the US-Africa Summit held in Washington in December 2022.

A little over a decade ago, former US president Barack Obama showed America’s commitment to Africa’s growth through wide-ranging programmes and initiatives that aimed at cementing the US-Africa relations. But Donald Trump’s lukewarm relationship with Africa and the continuous rise of China’s influence has made the US …

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Is China is fueling Africa’s economy? That could be a question with so many angles to explore – such as  is it worth it for Africa to accept humongous loans from the industrial giant amid her journey to prosperity while opening doors for her nations to invest and heavily mark China’s ingenuity across continent-wide African infrastructure?  

China, one of the world’s top economies provides eight types of foreign aid: complete projects, goods and materials, technical cooperation, human resource development cooperation, medical assistance, emergency humanitarian aid, volunteer programs, and debt relief (Brookings). 

The World Bank has been ousted by China as the world’s largest bilateral creditor, making China the largest single country creditor on Planet Earth (The African Report, 2021). 

In a larger context, Africa is now heavily being catered for financially by China. According to a report by The African Report, which cited data from China-Africa Initiative, between the