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  • Tanzania is laying the groundwork to launch its first satellite into space. 
  • The launch, which will enhance Tanzania’s tech industry, follows similar move by Uganda and Kenya.
  • Twitter Owner Elon Musk’s Starlink has also been seeking the node to launch services in Tanzania.

Plans are underway for Tanzania’s first satellite to take off into the lower space, an initiative that will serve to improve the country’s tech industry and digital communications.

Tanzania’s first satellite to enhance connectivity

Tanzania’s Deputy Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology Engineer Kundo Mathew said the satellite will improve digital communications in the country. He spoke at the Annual Audit Risk and Cybersecurity Conference held in Arusha, Tanzania.

According to Engineer Kundo, Tanzania’s first satellite will improve connectivity in areas where the terrain is too rugged to set terrestrial connection towers or to lay fiber optic cable.

“There are areas dotted with big hills and …

satellite technology

Satellite technology is an integral part of modern communication networks. The world has evolved from the postal age and centred on a more fluid digital approach to information distribution. Organisations, governments and individuals all require and depend on consistent and timeous availability of information.

Satellite technology provides linkages in telecommunications, broadcasting and data communication. 

The telecoms industry has grown significantly, with more people accessing mobile phone services. Cellular and wireless companies such as MTN, Econet and Vodacom have expanded reach across the continent. This has dramatically improved connectivity and improved livelihoods. Cellphone penetration is on the rise, which has managed to catapult Africa into the communication age.

Broadcasting services have also improved significantly, especially in the quality of service. Radio and television services alike have improved notably. 

fibreoptic cables

Access to connectivity

African countries along the coast like Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya benefit from using submarine fibres. 

In June 2017, 52.1%

An M-Pesa transaction. The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) says that 97 out of 100 Kenyans have mobile phones, transacting almost Sh2 Trillion in three months

More than 7.6 million Kenyans have loans from multiple mobile loan apps with 2 per cent of these defaulting and being listed with the Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs) in the country.

In a report by Metropol Corporation, more than 380,000 Kenyans have so far defaulted on loans taken from the mobile money lenders.

Due to this, the Kenyan parliament through the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Committee has urged the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to create regulatory measures of the sector especially on interest rates charged by the mobile money apps.

Metropol notes that on average, a borrower in the country has loans from at least six out of the 10 mobile money lenders.

This is despite the fact that mobile money loan apps charge unregulated interest rates.

Mobile lenders’ meteoric growth in Kenya

And to show how successful the lenders have been, Mobile lender Tala has disbursed loans …