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Kenya engineering
  • Kenya is keen on delivering quality engineering capacity by establishing Kenya School of Engineering.
  • President William Ruto says engineering holds the catalytic power to Kenya’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda.
  • Kenya’s high-rise structures’ structural soundness has come under scrutiny in recent years, prompting concerns.

By pointing out that engineering innovation contains the catalytic capacity for the Bottom-Up Economic Development Agenda, President William Ruto is urging engineers to take the lead in Kenya’s development

“Engineering is our growth’s bedrock; the link between a country’s engineering capacity and its development is well established,” Dr Ruto explained during the 4th Engineering Partnerships Convention in Naivasha, Nakuru County.

Kenya School of Engineering

Dr Ruto said his administration seeks to build the best possible engine for engineering innovation, which is essential for promoting Kenya’s sustainable growth.

The President outlined how the establishment of a Kenya School of Engineering will help the government deliver quality engineering innovation …

Turkish Business Thriving in Africa and Competing against China.

The level of cooperation that once existed between Africa and Turkey has evolved into the form of strategic alliances. The Republic of Turkey has developed partnerships with African countries in infrastructure, health, trade and investment, rural development, energy, institutional cooperation, agriculture, and small and medium enterprises.

These partnerships were developed on the basis of the “Turkey-Africa Joint Implementation Plan 2015-2019” and in accordance with the Istanbul Declaration of the First Africa-Turkey Cooperation Summit that took place on August 19, 2008.

The approach taken by Turkey incorporates aid for those in need and assistance with economic and social development. This strategy is derived from Turkey’s own history of achieving economic and social growth.…

Water irrigation. One of the services that are open for investors in the Agricultural sector.

A report published by Lexology on January 18, 2022, Zimbabwe’s economy is largely driven by the mining, agriculture, and tourism sectors. However, because of Zimbabwe’s foreign currency shortages, there is a significant focus on export-oriented and foreign currency-generating activities.

This allows investors, businesses, and the government to retain value and meet the country’s forex needs. Zimbabwe’s main exports are minerals, agricultural produce, and soft commodities. She also has large reserves of chromite, coal, gold, and iron ore, among others. The country is also one of the world’s largest growers of tobacco.

According to research by Mordor Intelligence, Zimbabwe is a signatory of several bilateral and international agreements (MIGA, OPIC, ICSID, and UNCITRAL) that protect the investments of the companies in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has cheap educated, and competitive labour, well-developed infrastructure, and easy access to regional and global markets through its membership in AU, COMESA, SADC, COPAC, and CISSA. Zimbabwe offers …

eCommerce Business Website Successful

Kenya’s eCommerce revenue is projected to hit $1.5 billion in 2021.

This follows an increase in the number of people who buy goods online. According to the latest statistics,  526 million Internet users are opting to buy goods at the click of a button.

As a result, digital platforms have been investing heavily in improving their digital infrastructure.

Patrick Ndegwa, the SEACOM East Africa Business Sales Lead, through a press release, has given an insight on Africa’s leading eCommerce platform and what developments can be expected regarding key policies and trends in online commerce today and in the future.

2021’s new trends

Ecommerce companies are putting considerable efforts into improving their digital infrastructure to meet increasing demands.

Mr. Ndegwa notes that transaction-management capabilities remain a priority, as more customers are purchasing on mobile devices and looking for credit options.

According to him, giving customers personalized, omnichannel experiences that also enable …

Tanzania has set regional precedence by establishing an atomic energy commission and gone ahead to start construction of a state-of-the-art laboratory designed to manage use of radioactive materials.

In Sub-Sahara Africa, the country is only second to South Africa in this frontier and has already begun the first phase of construction works. Valued at TShs2.5bn (US$1.1mn) the first phase of the lab construction began last year and is designed to meet global operation and calibration standards in atomic and nuclear energy.

It may come as a surprise to you as it did to me to learn of this rather unsettling development; a third world country building an atomic management laboratory to rival world standards. Well, that is the case until you learn that this third world country is also gearing up to start mining uranium.

This explanation is plausible, as we have been predisposed to this reality by Hollywood blockbuster …