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The expansion of Africa’s economy—exemplified by East Africa’s vibrant economies(Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda) by adopting the manufacturing industry landscape and marrying it with high-end technological developments have both triggered a demand for more power,currently leaning towards renewable energy—all the while grappling with the challenge of high unemployment rates.

The United Nations 25thConference of Parties (COP 25) on climate change highlighted strictly on nations mitigating greenhouse gas emissions by adapting to renewable energy in their economies.

Morocco and Zambia are now embracing the adoption of wind and solar power with assistance from Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

GCF and AfDB supported Zambia with a $154 million renewable energy fund to finance its framework, and lift the nation from electricity demand challenges, as the country relies on hydropower generation for 90 per cent of its needs.

Renewable energy in Africa could be a mighty saving …

As world heads to Madrid, PE Climate investments in Africa tops agenda

The government of Chile was given the right to preside over the United Nations Framework on Climate Change  Convention (UNFCCC) COP25 but along the way, it struck a deal for the event to be held in Madrid, still under its presidency.

The annual event normally held on the first week of December provides the world with a time to reflect, negotiate and strike deals to provide a soft landing for a world suffering from harsh effects of climate change. Of course there are countries who don’t see the need for such a conference, what has come to be labeled as climate change denial, USA leading the pack.

While developing countries are far from getting a relief for a problem they have contributed less about, the developed countries have worked to develop fair means of reducing emissions, and compensation where applicable.

The World Bank argued in a 2016 report that sub-Saharan …