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EAC Monetary Affairs Committee
  • EAC Monetary Affairs Committee (MAC) meets every year to asses the region’s progess.
  • This year the MAC meeting will be held in Juba, South Sudan.
  • Sectors like fishing, timber, and agriculture have been identified as potential areas for growth and revenue generation.

East Africa Community governors of central banks are set to meet to assess the regions’ economic scorecard and avenues for investments. The chair of the EAC Monetary Affairs Committee James Alic Garang, who is the Bank of South Sudan governor said that single currency for the EA region will feature prominently in the deliberations.

This body meets annually, usually around April or March, to take stock of the progress and challenges along the path of establishing monetary union. This coming at a time that the East African Community member-states are in a race to harmonise critical policies and putt in place the institutions to attain a single currency …

Taveta-Holili Border post | Kenya-Tanzania trade relations

Across East Africa’s vibrant economic landscape, Kenya and Tanzania hold a prominent position as both trading partners but also nations engaging in a fierce economic rivalry. Collectively, the two countries collaborate in business, yet never-ending feuds often erupt into disruptions that hurt cross-border trade. Overall, their trade wars slow regional integration while limiting the nations’ ability to exploit the full potential of the East Africa Community (EAC) market.…

  • LG Electronics has appointed Dong Won Lee as its new Regional Managing Director for East Africa (EA) as the company seeks larger market share in the region. 
  • Lee replaces Sa Nyoung Kim who served as LG EA Managing Director for three years since January 2020.
  • Lee brings over 20 years of hands-on experience and knowledge in leadership, performance improvement, sales, and marketing in the consumer electronics industry.

LG Electronics has appointed Dong Won Lee as its new Regional Managing Director for East Africa (EA) as the company seeks larger market share in the region. 

Lee replaces Sa Nyoung Kim who served as LG EA Managing Director for three years since January 2020.

Before his appointment, Dong Won Lee was the Managing Director of LG Iraq, a position he has held since 2019. He is celebrated for turning around the business in Iraq by increasing sales growth by 50 percent hence

Open borders, open borders in EAC, East African Community

Africa is huge continent with untapped potential. With the rest of the world opening up for the best international trade and travel relations, Africa is learning and following the same path, with countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda easing entry restrictions by issuing visa on arrival and hence turning themselves towards open borders opportunities as members of the East African Community (EAC). 

Unrestricted movement of people and goods between African countries holds the key to unlocking this trade potential. That is why trade analysts are touting the African Continent Free Trade Area (AfCTA) as a game changer in inter-Africa trade.  

According to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Intra-African trade is currently low at 14.4 percent of total African exports. UNCTAD estimates that the AfCFTA could boost intra-African trade by about 33 percent and cut the continent’s trade deficit by 51 percent.

The possibility of more open

Kenya's business conditions
2022 has been a mixed bag of fortunes for the East African Community (EAC) as economies in the region implemented different policy interventions and post-Covid recovery strategies. This is after a somewhat robust recovery in 2021 following a major dip in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic brought most sectors to a near halt. The tourism and logistics sectors were among the hardest hit sectors with the pandemic also affecting the real estate sector, finance, construction, events management, ICT, manufacturing and consultancy. The region is however on the road to recovery with reopening of economies propping GDP growth which has averaged four per cent (4%) in 2022.Going into 2023, average growth is projected at 4.7 per cent with top performers seen to be Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, albeit the impact of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and the realities of stagflation and recession remaining a threat.

But what is expected of

Transport infrastructure will help better integrate Africa and increase trade
  • Democratic Republic of Congo will host a major investment summit 27-29 June in Kinshasa
  • Favourable policy changes to be discussed by top government officials
  • President Felix Tshisekedi government reassures investors of security measures


Only three months after joining the East Africa Community (EAC) the Democratic Republic of Congo will this June host its inaugural DRC Investment Summit that will open the doors to Central Africa’s investment opportunities like never before.

Scheduled to take place from 27 – 29 June 2022, the two day summit will feature expert sessions that will highlight investment opportunities in the country. These sessions will provide a one of a kind platform allowing investors to learn of and hold in-depth analysis linked to policy making as well as global supply and demand movements

Organised by the government of the DRC, this inaugural summit is a global meeting place for investment in the Democratic Republic of …

The East African Community has tabled before the East African Legislative Assembly the budget estimates for the 2021/2022 Financial Year totaling US$91,784,296.

The Chairperson of the Council of Ministers and Kenya’s Minister for EAC, Adan Mohamed, in the Budget Speech read on his behalf by Chief Administrative Secretary, Ken Obura, said that the 2021/2022 budget was coming at a time the COVID-19 pandemic had ravaged economies through lockdowns and economic shutdowns that had affected economic performance in the entire region negatively.

The 2021/2022 Budget is themed Economic Recovery through Industrialization and Inclusive Growth.

On priorities for the 2021/2022 FY, Mohamed said that the EAC would focus on 10 priority areas.

These are private sector development, peace and security, health/covid-19 response and trade development.

Others are infrastructure development, EAC digitalization agenda, agriculture, nutrition, biodiversity, environment and circular economy AMONG OTHERS.

Here is how the monies were allocated for EAC Organs and …