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It is nature that is going to save us, yes, nature.  

The rich arable lands of Tanzania, the recycling business potential in Nigeria and Kenya, and the sustainable-architectural business models in Rwanda and South Africa are few angles that the World Economic Forum (WEF) finds to be vital in channeling better economic solutions and resilience. 

This thinking-approach emanates from the second report (of three), The Future of Nature and Business by the WEF which provides practical insights necessary to steer economies around the world towards a nature-positive economy. 

It is safe to say the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has given rise to a lot of ideas towards rethinking and developing sustainable economy approaches. 

As job losses and economic uncertainty hurt economies and livelihoods, nature-centred economic approaches seem to carry the necessary incentives to accommodate the global community’s needs. 

“As governments and businesses look to stimulate growth, a new