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The central bank of Tanzania (BoT) released a monthly economic review report this week the report depicted the performance of different sectors of the economy.


Tanzania has been maintaining its inflation rate over the past month in 2021. According to this monthly report, inflation has continued to remain down, evolving within the country and regional targets.

The report argued that the twelve-month consumer price index (CPI) headline inflation eased to 3.3 per cent from 3.5 per cent in the previous month, which is rather widely driven by the slowdown in prices of non-food consumer goods and services.

“On a month-to-month basis, headline inflation was 0.9 per cent in February 2021, compared with 0.8 per cent in the preceding month. Inflation is projected to remain within the target range of 3-5 per cent for the remaining period of 2020/21,” the BoT report noted.

Within the same context, the report pointed …


Education is the lifeline of development in Africa.  At present, things are changing rapidly within the African education domain. Modern technology is now transforming learning in classrooms in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda to mention a few. 
African states, just as other nations across the globe, are experiencing economic shocks from the coronavirus (COVID-19), which forced 250 million African children to stay home.  

Across the region, children were out of school for various periods. In Kenya, children remained home for the entire course of 2020 since March, while Tanzania’s school shutdown lasted for three months. …