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  • Uganda has kicked off the construction US$ 19.9 million Acomai irrigation scheme
  • The project aims to improve access to water for agricultural production, which would lead to increased agricultural productivity
  • The project’s contractor was also tasked to construct a technical school in Kamutur as part of their corporate social responsibility

Uganda had broken ground to build a US$ 19.9 million Acomai irrigation scheme in Kamutur Sub-county in Bukedea District to improve water access.

The government of the East African nation also intends to construct another scheme in Bulambuli District.

The proposed Acomai irrigation schemes in Bukedea and Bulambuli will cover 2,200 hectares of land. In addition, they will come with additional infrastructure such as an administration block, two drying yards, a warehouse, a workshop, a bridge and 58kms of access roads.

Both projects are under the Agricultural Value Chain Development Programme and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry …

Uganda will find itself with a crisis of more workers than jobs unless the country’s economy grows faster than its current pace world bank report says.

According to “Uganda: Jobs strategy for inclusive growth” a new World Bank report released early last week, Uganda has seen more than 300,000 additional workers enter the job market per year between 1992 and 2014. Between 2030 and 2041, the number is set to rise to over one million annually.

The report said that With the country’s growing population, an economic transformation that will create jobs creation requires faster urbanisation with industrialisation, which should start with the developing commercial agriculture.

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The agricultural sector in Uganda accounts for around 80 per cent of the annual export earnings and employs nearly 82 per cent of the workforce.

Three-quarters of young Ugandans entering the labour market work in agriculture …