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Africa's infrastructure gaps
  • Africa’s infrastructure gaps hinder populations from accessing healthcare, education, trade hubs, and economic opportunities.
  • Africa has only 53 per cent of paved roads, isolating millions of people from access to essential services.
  • AfDB President says the development of regional corridors should be complemented with one-stop border posts to stimulate trade.

Across Africa, the continent’s road infrastructure deficit creates high production and transaction costs. A new report notes that these persistent bottlenecks in the vast continent must be addressed to scale opportunities envisaged under the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

The “Cross-Border Road Corridors Expanding Market Access in Africa and Nurturing Continental Integration” report states that while roads are the primary mode of transport, carrying 80 per cent of goods and 90 per cent of passenger traffic, only 43 per cent of Africa’s main population have access to an all-season road. According to the International Monetary Fund, Africa’s …