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President Ruto on new world order.
  • President William Ruto of Kenya says resources should neither be controlled by the World Bank nor the International Monetary Fund.
  • Africa does not want anything for free. But needs a new financial model where power is not in the hands of the few, says Dr Ruto.
  • In Paris, President Ruto says the world cannot continue normally when things are not going forward.

Kenya’s President William Ruto has has called for a new world financing model to tackle poverty and negative effects of climate change. Dr Ruto is advocating for a financial architecture made up of equals. This is his latest call as he continues to emerge as Africa’s most vocal leader since his election in August last year.

According to the leader of East Africa’s top economy, President Ruto said resources should neither be controlled by the World Bank nor the International Monetary Fund. “Africa does not want anything for …

Unemployment crisis among African youth sparks protests

Africa’s youth unemployment is one of the many “poly-crises” destabilising many countries and impeding economic recovery following recent disruptions and challenges. According to the just-released International Labor Organization’s (ILO) annual Monitor of the World of Work study, low-income African nations are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels of unemployment this year.…

Employment in Tanzania agriculture sector dropping while that in manufacturing sector is rising, mechanisation driving the change. Photo/agrigoldmagazine

There is a shift, a change in the nature and composition of Tanzania’s workforce from labour-intensive to skilled labour. This shift is well received as the report authors describe it as ‘a good sign of economic transformation’ it is a sign Tanzania mechanisation.

The report authors contend that the fact that the proportion of labour employed in agriculture has decreased while that in other sectors, notably manufacturing and services, has increased, then it is a clear sign of an industrializing nation.

Agriculture mechanization in Tanzania is also evident in the fact that even though employment in the sector is decreasing, but the sector’s overall performance is actually increasing.

According to Tanzania’s Commissioner of Financial Sector Development, Dr Charles Mwamwaja, between 2015 and 2019, the agriculture sector grew at an average of 5.2 per cent, while the subsector of agricultural products continued growing at an average of 5.8 per cent.…

Global job loss in the next 90 days-ILO

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 195 million people around the world will be jobless in the next 90 days (3 months) said a report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

International Labour Organisation estimates that almost 38 per cent of the global workforce which represents 1.25 billion workers are employed in sectors such as accommodation, food services, manufacturing and retail trade that are facing a severe decline in output and a high risk of unemployment.

Wholesale and retail segments have the biggest share of workers with 482 million workers who are lowly paid and unprotected while the most affected sector accommodation and food services account for 144 million workers.

According to the ILO report, the food and accommodation sector is suffering from almost full closure in some countries.

The manufacturing sector employs 463 million workers has also been greatly affected by the pandemic with factories closed, workers asked …

Today marks 17 years since the International Labour Organisation (ILO) declared a fight against child labour.

June 12th is World Day Against Child Labour, the day is meant to raise awareness and activism to prevent child labour.

Child labour are all forms of work by children under the age laid down in ILO standards. Worst forms of child labour include slavery, debt bondage, prostitution, pornography, forced recruitment of children for use in armed conflict, use of children in drug trafficking and other illicit activities, and all other work likely to be harmful or hazardous to the health, safety or morals of girls and boys under 18 years of age.

The ILO has recently estimated that some 246 million children aged 5-17 years are engaged in child labour around the world. Of these, some 179 million are caught in the worst forms of child labour.

Africa has the greatest …

UASA - The Exchange

The United Association of South Africa (Uasa) on Friday night celebrated 125 years of involvement in the labour market with an event in Muldersdrift, just outside Johannesburg.

“Uasa elected leaders also signed a pledge to always put Uasa members first by operating only on the mandates issued by members in a transparent and honest manner,” Uasa spokesman Stanford Mazhindu said on Saturday.

Uasa celebrated its achievements over the past one and a quarter century while at the same time looking ahead to envisage how, as a trade union, it could remain relevant in a constantly changing world.

“When a group of 16 engine drivers met on a Saturday evening, 7 July 1894, to form the Transvaal Engine Drivers Association, they had no idea that we would still celebrate the existence of this proud organisation in 2019, albeit under a different name,” he said.

Over the years, the organisation grew and …