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The race of cryptocurrencies to gain popularity in Africa.

The race to adopt cryptocurrencies is hitting new ceilings in Africa as their popularity increases, despite hostile policies from several governments in the continent.

One of the main reasons investors across the globe are seeking to diversify traditional assets in Africa into cryptos is to counter rising fiat inflation, with a majority of crypto investors and traders believing that crypto coins and tokens are safer and more secure than traditional investments such as gold, oil, stocks, liquid cash and real estate.

The roles that these cryptos and alternative coins play in society are not well defined, but they have a vivid description as each day passes as to which purposes they serve.…

Site machine operator. Releaf making African farmers and food factories more efficient and profitable.

The vulnerabilities these young people face remain largely unaddressed, limiting their potential and ability to positively and gainfully contribute to the development of their economies. 

With the promotion of science, technology, research, innovation, and building on knowledge and human resources for growth and sustainable development, it is possible to mitigate the looming unemployment crisis. 

Innovation, especially in agriculture is one way to bridge the unemployment gap. By adopting technology, the continent is able to leverage the young to increase productivity in the agricultural sector. To address the challenges in the sector, companies are coming up with novel ways of ensuring that the needs of the estimated 1.3 billion people will be met by 2030. …