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  • Massive deforestation in Tanzania has left policymakers scrambling for options and they have now set an ambitious target for Tanzania to switch to clean energy kitchens by 2025.
  • A huge challenge, however, remains how to dismantle Tanzania’s $1 million charcoal industry that provides livelihoods to millions of poor citizens from illegal forest loggers in the countryside to small-scale urban traders.
  • Tanzania’s Ministry of Energy data shows at least 33,000 people die every year due to complications associated with the continued use of charcoal, firewood, and other crop residues for cooking.

I find Joseph Lucas, a charcoal delivery man in Dar es Salaam hurriedly carting neatly packed sacks of the black carbon residue to his customers in Tanzania’s commercial capital.

Lucas is part of the supply chain of charcoal in a country where roughly 90 percent of households depend on the wood fuel product as their primary source of energy. The …

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Both nations have the right to attain energy supremacy as it has been a long-time ambition. Despite that goal, environmental and climate-related concerns must be addressed if they are present. 

The EACOP is one starting point that can catapult the region towards economic mastery and energy sufficiency. Tanzania, which is also banking on natural gas exploration and production, could learn a lot from EACOP complications now. 

Despite the challenges, EACOP’s potential has managed to draw the attention of other financiers, and things are turning out well. The project has attracted US$300 million from alternative lenders as its proponents rush to save the project from pressure groups citing environmental concerns, according to a report by The Citizen. …

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The EABC noted that foreign direct investments from the US. to Tanzania stood at US$1.5 billion in 2019, a 5.2 per cent increase from 2018. Tanzania is followed by Kenya – which received US$353 million in the same year – followed by Uganda US$42 million, Rwanda (US$11 million) and Burundi, which managed to attract US$1 million in the same year (2019).

Tanzania has managed to secure the US. as a development partner and as a viable investment in potential sectors such as mining and agriculture. President Samia has worked to give the investment landscape 180 shifts, particularly enhancing the domestic and international confidence in Tanzania’s business climate.

Over the past years, agricultural produce, minerals and textiles have covered most of the goods exported to the US. However, there are other avenues of potential investment in Tanzania, especially in oil and gas, real estate, manufacturing and telecommunications.…

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According to The Citizen, storage capacity construction tender documents, Kenya looks forward to quickly loading cooking gas for truck distribution, which will likely cut demurrage costs.

“LPG storage capacity in Mombasa is limited and huge demurrage is incurred by LPG ships thus affecting the final consumer price of bottled gas,” read part of KPC tender documents” KPC tender document read in part.

As Tanzania continues to domesticate its natural gas and motivate healthy consumption from households to large enterprises, Kenya’s new LPG ambition stands to lower prices for LPG by 30 percent. At the same time, Tanzania looks forward to connecting LPG nationwide.

In April, Kenya revived the stalled subsidy scheme for affordable cooking gas, giving the LPG take up a shot in the arm.…