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Petition to Investigate Bill Gates for 'Crimes Against Humanity' Goes Viral | Neon Nettle in 2021 | Bill gates, Refugee crisis, Women in africa

When one of the World’s richest couples decides to divorce then yes we are all warrant to Tweet our P and Qs. So, as the social media world continues to dot the couples’ i’s and cross their t’s let as look at ‘the poor man’ in one of the World’s wealthiest people.

As of February this year, Bill Gates’ net worth of over $137 billion, keeping the world renown philanthropist right up their with the rest of the World’s richest people.

But that is not what makes Bill Gates standout, it is his willingness to aide the world’s poorest that sets him apart from the other World titans.

Only recently, through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, has set aside a $306 million package in agricultural development grants for Africa and other parts of the developing World.

Over the years, Bill Gates has invariably donated and granted Africa …

Digital manifesto for developing countries

A Digital Manifesto, a 10-step guide for developing countries to get ahead in the digital age was launched by Pathways for Prosperity Commission on Technology and Inclusive Development.

The guide was launched in Nairobi last week by the Commission’s co-chairs Melinda Gates, of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Strive Masiywa, founder of pan-African telecommunications, technology and renewable energy group, Econet.

“Today, huge gender gaps in digital access are the norm in developing countries. If we invest in closing those gaps, women and girls can start to meet their untapped potential, building economies that are not only more equal but also more dynamic and ultimately more prosperous,” said Ms Gates.

Mr Masiywa said that digital technologies offer powerful tools to help grow businesses and nations by helping entrepreneurs access to markets and giving governments’ innovative ways of delivering better services.

“However, without visionary policy planning and 21st-century skills training …