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Moscow Schools to start teaching Swahili this September.
  • At least four Moscow schools will teach Swahili and Amharic for children starting September 2023 as part of the new special program.
  • Historically, Russia was one of the countries where the African elite went to earn degrees. Calls for Russia and Africa to resume educational exchanges intensify.
  • Experts  also call for cooperation in agriculture, energy and investments between Russia and Africa.

Next time you land in Moscow, do not be surprised to if you come across common Swahili greetings such as “Jambo” (Hello), “Habari” (How are you?), and “Asante” (Thank you) as you transact across Russia.

Swahili is a language spoken by millions of people in East Africa, particularly in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is also the official language of the East African Community. Swahili ranks among the top 10 widely spoken language with about 200 million people using it.

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