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African women in STEM. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is an opportune occasion to empower them.

Taking into account the 2022 International Day of Women and Girls in science; it’s imperative to assess the state of Africa’s water security which needs to be urgently addressed.

Africa is bearing the brunt of the climate change crisis, yet had no hand in its creation only contributing a paltry 4 per cent of the global greenhouse gas emissions; spelt by the numerous natural disasters from floods, drought and famine, locust infestation to tropical cyclones, which have put significant water stress in the continent.

In a series of initiatives, African leaders are spearheading strategies for resolving the quandary pertinently its impact on Africa’s water security and sanitation. Nearly 63 per cent of urban areas in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to basic water and sanitation.…

An apartment complex. In East Africa, the luxury housing market as well as office supply could have reached saturation but there is more that needs to be done to uplift all people by providing quality and affordable housing.

Kenya is the barometer for what is happening or likely to take root in East Africa since the country tends to set the pace on matters development.

When it comes to land prices in East Africa, Kenya tops the list of the most expensive land rivalling even properties in some affluent areas of Johannesburg, London and New York.

In the last quarter of 2019, land prices in Kenya continued on their upward trend with properties in the suburbs increasing by 1.69 per cent over the year while satellite towns saw prices increase by 6.93 over the same period.

African economies must diversify, value add for quick recovery

In a report by Hass Consult, Kitengela which is just an hour from Nairobi city centre saw the highest land price increase recording a 10.71 per cent hike while Ongata Rongai led on a quarterly basis at 4.56 per cent.

The plush Spring …