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Jet fuel shortage threatens to halt the aviation industry in Nigeria.
  • According to the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON), oil marketers have raised the price of jet fuel from 190 to 700 Nigerian Naira per litre in May since January of this year
  • Nigerian airlines use 1.6 million gallons of fuel per day, whereas foreign carriers and private jet operators demand around 800,000 litres per day
  • Stakeholders in the industry think that prompt intervention is required and everything should be done to prevent a potentially permanent disaster

Nigerian airlines have struggled to get aviation fuel, known as Jet A1, at the proper price and quantity required for the past four months. The growing cost and shortage of aviation fuel have threatened to halt the aviation sector in West Africa’s largest economy.

Lagos should be the West and Central African aviation hub due to its location and passenger flow. However, Nigeria is losing this to Accra, Ghana, because of high aircraft fuel