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The only thing keeping you from trying new things in the workplace is your own lack of confidence. Christmas is a good time to try your hand in business.

Traveling during the holiday season might be a great source of extra money while you’re on vacation.
Strategically place yourself at a high-traffic area where your snacks can be sold. Do not neglect to account for seasonal variations, such as cold items in the winter and hot ones in the summer.
Cleanliness is key to retaining consumers, therefore make an impression, stand out, and provide a unique service that no one else can do. It’s more like getting a double dosage of affection……

It is not only smiling for the camera that makes photos important to us but also—photography is a means to earn a living. The industry has drawn over $77.66 billion market value in 2015 and is expected to reach $110.79 billion by 2021, according to Zion Market Research.

With less than 200 years since its inception, photography is the real example of a technological breakthrough, from using crude processes of using chemicals to simpler processes, taking less than one minute, where instant high-quality photos can be taken via our handheld gadgets— our smartphones.

The photography industry has evolved remarkably over the years, sweeping away some jobs along other blunt lines of the industry, such as photo processing workers, film lab technicians and photography equipment repairers, who are now replaced by more robust and efficient digital technology processes.

Photography as the activity or job of taking photographs or filming is practised…