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The question is, what if one day you went to pay for expenses with your card or mobile app and it returned an error message? Or was your service provider that issues your money declared bankrupt? Scary, right?
Recently, customers have been converting their regular traditional money into e-money. Service providers have enabled the transfer of electronic money to banks, from person to person, and for making payments.
For regulators and supervisors that control the protection of consumers’ e-money and digital currencies, coming up with legal bindings and restrictions in the fast-changing sector has become very challenging. These regulators and supervisors must devise ways to protect customers from a possible system failure and ultimately prevent them from losing their funds.…

Absa group in a shocking decision move closed down Absa Money Market Fund (AMMF), worth around $5,623,236,000. But according to the Prudential Authority [PA], they had no concerns regarding the group’s decision after its long engagements with the bank since last year.

The bank’s official line is that its decision to close the fund was based on an independent review that found clients believed investments in the fund enjoyed the same safety guarantees as cash held in a bank account. This was partly due to the fund’s rather unusual integration into Absa’s banking system as it allowed investors to make withdrawals from the fund directly from ATMs not a typical feature of most unit trusts.

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) said the Prudential Authority (PA) had a number of engagements with Absa Group (AGL) during the course of 2020 and 2021 on the proposed closure of the Absa Money …