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According to sources inside the diplomatic community, the projected tax of US$144 will be levied at the same rate throughout the entire Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) regional bloc. The private sector, and in particular the participants in the logistics industry, who considered the levy as a barrier to commerce in the region, is receiving a significant amount of relief as a result of the reduction in the charge.

The two nations came to an agreement on the terms of the partnership during Her Excellency President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s official visit to Uganda, which lasted for two days. The necessary tax helps cover the costs of repairing and maintaining the roads that are often travelled by trucks, with the goal of promoting the safety of those who use the roadways.

According to a joint declaration that was published by the presidency of Tanzania, Tanzania has asked the relevant ministry to find cordial resolutions to the current non-tariff obstacles and allow for the unimpeded flow of trade between the two nations. They feel that by doing this, the potential for trade between Uganda and Tanzania would be realised, which will ultimately benefit the entire area.

The ceremony was attended by local and regional dignitaries – heads of states, ministers, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizational heads. H.E. Museveni in his speech gave highlights and assurance to the business community around the East African region, Africa and the world at large,  stating that the National Resistance Movement (NRM), – the ruling party, stands for Pan-Africanism which translates into economic and political integration. Economic integration in this case refers to having a common market for products and freely doing business within the borders of the neighbours. This is an assurance that the Ugandan market specifically, is open for interested economies and individual business owners and investors.