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A gold clad and bullion bar by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Gold exports are Zimbabwe's most valuable resource.

Large-scale miners supplied nine tonnes of gold over the time, according to FPR, the country’s lone buyer of gold, lagging output from small-scale producers, which delivered 13 tonnes.
Bullion output fell slightly to 1,38 tonnes in April, then jumped to 1,66 tonnes in May before soaring to 2,92 tonnes in June.
According to the study, July’s output was 2,82 tonnes before climbing to 3,17 tonnes and 3 tonnes in September and October.…

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Forex trading in Kenya using M-Pesa

M-Pesa, a payment solution provider that began operations in 2007, has proven to be a game-changer in the financial services industry. With over 100 million subscribers, this is a massive financial ecosystem, and it is so surprising that M-Pesa won the award for the best successful payment system in developing countries. Users can use the app as an e-wallet and make deposits, transactions, withdrawals, and other payments via the payment solution. M-Pesa has regulations best suited for each territory it operates in. This adaptability has made it the ideal platform for a range of digital payments, including Forex trading.

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Since M-Pesa is the most extensive digital payment system in Kenya, most M-Pesa Forex brokers have embraced this platform. Several reputable international Forex brokerages now accept M-Pesa payments. The M-Pesa system’s ease of use and accessibility for its users promises to be …

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A coal powered plant in South Africa. South Africa is currently Africa's largest emitter of greenhouse emissions.

Gabon is one of few countries with a carbon-negative economy, thanks to the Congo Basin’s immense tropical forests, which absorb more greenhouse gases than the country’s companies, cars, and towns emit.

It just approved an ambitious climate law to ensure that its economic bases are on forests and agriculture rather than fossil fuels.

Outside assistance is required to attain this goal so that the government can continue to enhance living standards.
Many African countries rely on coal for electricity and have refused to sign a declaration signed by more than 40 countries this week calling for an end to the most polluting of fossil fuels. …

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A street in Zimbabwe at night. Zimbabwe’s power cuts are sounding the death knell for the struggling economy.

Given that South Africa is experiencing similar power generation problems, Robertson believes that if Zimbabwe does not overcome its power difficulties, this will impede economic growth in 2021.

The mining and industrial industries will almost certainly curtail output.

Tax and export income will decline, as will employment growth. This is unfortunate because Zimbabwe wouldn’t be going through all this pain if it had started constructing new power plants earlier.…

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Forex trading via an app on the phone. Forex apps should offer the best experience to users.

Most importantly, do not rush into any financial decisions.

Take your time and find your comfort zone.

Forex trading when done correctly can be very rewarding but when done badly it can lead to financial ruin.…

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Jabulani Ngcobo, Neliswe Masango, Louris Tshakoane and Ref Wayne. They are among the richest forex traders in South Africa.

Gone are the days where an eight to five job was the order of the day.

Millennials have flipped the script and are pursuing careers we never thought would be regarded as being sustainable.

This trend has now landed on the shores of South Africa where young people are breaking out into new career paths. 

One such career path is Forex Trading. I am sure you have come across flashy social media posts with young, rich and trendy individuals in luxurious settings. This type of individual drives the latest German automobiles are draped in designer brands and eat at the trendy places in town. Welcome to the life of South African forex traders and we are going to take a look at the top 10 richest Forex Traders in South Africa. 

Jabulani Ngcobo

Jabulani Ngcobo is a charismatic socialite and is known as Cashflow in his circles. This popular businessman

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