Author: Maingi Gichuku

Maingi Gichuku is passionate about helping African businesses grow by offering technology solutions. With a BSC in Zoology and biochemistry, Gichuku yearns for an Africa that can find solutions to its challenges. My drive is to see an economically dynamic Africa and embrace its populations by creating opportunities cutting across the social and economic strata.

Despite the international emphasis on migration to Europe, more than 80 per cent of African migration occurs within Africa, both intra-regionally (primarily within West, East, and southern African regions) and inter-regionally (from West Africa to Southern Africa, from East/Horn of Africa to Southern Africa, and from Central Africa to Southern Africa and West Africa).

Most immigrants are migratory workers who work either formally or informally in their destination countries. As a result, immigration plays an important role in the economic development of destination countries. However, a number of low- and middle-income countries lack evidence and awareness of how immigrants might contribute to various sectors of the economy, and very few have designed and implemented relevant policy frameworks.

Many destination nations are unable to capitalise on immigration due to a strong informal sector, insufficient labour migration management capacity, and a lack of aggressive labour market regulations.…

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Women working to produce the reusable, organic charcoal in Zanzibar. The women are trained to convert biomass to charcoal.

Tanzania’s Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) is in charge of the export processing zones (EPZ) and the special economic zones (SEZ).

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment operates the EPZA. It is the EPZA’s responsibility to steer and implement government policy on the promotion of SEZ in Tanzania. EPZA was established in 2003.

Among EPZA’s other responsibilities include the construction of EPZ and SEZ infrastructure and providing business services to SEZ and EPZ investors. The EPZA also issues EPZ and SEZ permits.…

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