Author: Aaron Orena Orena

When the government of Uganda launched the first of four regional agricultural mechanization centres in July 2020, questions were raised about their use and viability.

The government unveiled a countrywide plan to promote agricultural mechanization whereby human labour along the entire value chain is replaced by
animal power, fossil energy, or renewable energy.

The centres will host excavators, self-loading trucks, heavy earth-moving equipment, bulldozers, and mobile
mechanization workshop trucks for farmers on a lease or hire basis on top of providing them training and advisory services.

According to the African Union Development Agency, African farmers have ten times fewer mechanized tools per
farm area than farmers in other developing regions, and access has not grown as quickly as in other regions.

“50-85% of farm work continues to be done manually, without the support of animals or machinery. Only 10% of total power for land preparation in sub-Saharan Africa comes from …

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Low confidence in established financial institutions like banks and savings cooperatives was evident in the survey as they scored a meagre 0.4 per cent and 1.3 per cent as sources of funding for the predominantly informal sector that dominated household enterprises.  

Many of the doubts these business owners have towards expanding their businesses are down to the strained relationship these entrepreneurs have with financial institutions like banks.   …

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