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Top 8 Kenya newspapers

Newspapers and media are considered the fourth pillar of a democratic nation as they provide all the essential information to the masses. One should always remain updated regarding happenings worldwide. One can get all the vital information in a newspaper, so reading the newspaper will help you stay updated with all the necessary aspects of your interest (politics, business, sports). Moreover, reading more newspapers will help you remain more aware of your rights and duties as a Kenya citizen.


This article will discuss the Top 8 Kenya newspapers and discuss some facts regarding each newspaper’. According to much research, most of the people in Kenya read the Exchange, the Standard, and many more. Here is our list of top Kenyan Newspapers that will be suitable for you if you love to remain updated regarding every fact.


The Standard is considered to be the most popular Kenyan newspaper. Scan Media Group owns this Newspaper company. In this newspaper, one will get all the related news daily. According to research, this newspaper has more than 3 million readers that count for around 20% of Kenya’s population. The newspaper has an enormous online following that brings about ten million readers to their website per month.

The Exchange

The Exchange is the second most readable newspaper in Kenya. Mediapix Limited owns this newspaper company. They have their reporters worldwide from Tanzania to the United States; they get all the essential information before any other newspaper in Kenya. By reading this newspaper, one gains insights into Africa’s capital markets as they post relevant information regarding Africa’s financial & economic status.


According to research, the Exchange has more than 2.5 million readers daily; not only that, “The Exchange” has a huge fan base in Kenya and other African countries. One can read the article free on their sites. But for premium posts, one needs to pay $5/per month, or one can opt for an annual subscription where it will cost only $4/per month. With the subscription, one will get a various exclusive feature which is very useful for any readers.

Daily Nation

This newspaper updates news daily and provides relevant content on their site. They have journalists all around the country. Daily Nation produces Sunday Nation that has 300,000 subscribers. On detailed analysis, it has been put forward that most of the subscribers of Daily Nation aged between 15 to 35. In short, it has a great newspaper, and it is the 3rd most readable Kenyan Newspaper.

The Star

The Star has made it to our top 8 Kenya Newspaper list even though this newspaper is pretty new in the newspaper industry because of its relevant content and its fan following. Recently The Star has put forward a great fight against “The exchange” & “The Standard”. Radio African Group owns this newspaper. This newspaper comes under the top 5 Kenya Newspaper that is frequently read by the citizen of Kenya.

People’s Daily

This newspaper company is owned by Media Max Digital company. This company also owns various other radio stations like K24. This Kenyan Newspaper has a monthly subscriber of 100,000. Recently the online platform of the people’s daily has rebranded itself. This newspaper comes at 5th position in best Kenyan Newspaper.

The Nairobian

Suppose you love to read gossips regarding celebrities, then one should sign up Nairobian. Nairobian is a part of ‘the Standard’. In this newspaper, one would get all the news related to gossips. The main focus of Nairobian is social & entertainment issues. Mostly this newspaper has online readers.

The business Daily Newspaper

This newspaper is best for those who want to remain updated regarding all the business news. Many newspapers have a section for business news. With this newspaper, one will gain various information related to the financial & economic status of Africa. This newspaper covers all the necessary business stories in Kenya. Nation Media Group owns this newspaper.

The East African

This is the perfect newspaper if you want to grasp news of the Eastern African Region. The East African Newspaper covers all the essential information of east African countries. This newspaper cover news from countries like Kenya, Somalia, and many more.



Like Standard, the Exchange, and many more, all the newspapers mentioned above help Kenya’s people gain insight regarding every field like politics, business, and many more. Standard & The Exchange both have a huge fan following across the whole Nation. Moreover, we have witnessed that most traffic comes to The Standard, The Exchange, and Nation’s websites. In short, we have tried to impart various aspects related to the newspaper, and we have also provided you the reason why we consider this Kenyan newspaper for the top 8 Kenya newspapers. I hope you find this article useful and help you gain insight into the newspaper’s aspects.


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