Kenya’s fair trade coffee attracts lucrative Cannabis market


An American company Pura has announced that it has entered an agreement with an undisclosed Kenyan coffee farm to produce coffee to be laced with extracts from the cannabis plant. The company that is known for producing different products from the extracts of marijiuna plant.

CBD or Cannabidiol, is a less intoxicating product of Cannabis Sativa that treats a variety of mental issues. These include anxiety and depression. The Marijuana plant has been well researched and even more, findings are being released by the day.

Scientists have identified many sub-components of this plant but three components have remained central to scientific research. These include Cannflavins, which relieve pain and inflammation; CBD which affects anxiety and depression without giving users a ‘high’ and the much-debated tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is much sought after for recreational purposes.

CBD and THC have been identified by scientists to be quite similar. They both have almost the same molecular structure but with a different atomic arrangement which brings lots of difference in the effect, they have on the body.

It is the use of CBD and its related products that has gained much use and acceptance. For example, CBD oils are commonly used for medicinal use especially for patients with adverse mental illness to calm their nerves without providing them with adverse intoxicating effects.

Pura announced this in a press statement noting that the demand is based on research. “Today, PURA is proud to announce entering into an agreement with a Fair Trade producer of coffee in Kenya.  Farmers who grow Fair Trade coffee receive a fair price, and their communities and the environment benefit as well.  PURA has engaged Kali-Extracts, Inc. to design the CBD infusion for ground coffee.  PURA anticipates beginning CBD coffee product testing next month.  PURA is also in conversations with growers in Ethiopia.”

“When asked (consumers of CBD) in order of preference what CBD-infused beverage they would buy, 77 or 31% said tea and 74 or 30% said water. As a provider of water and tea, PURA leadership certainly is providing consumers the most popular categories of CBD-infused beverages which bodes very well for future sales and market share growth.”

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