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Will issuing of marijuana licenses to indigenous South Africans increase financial inclusion? That is the big question, or rather an unnecessary question that we a been forced to pose just to make it abundantly clear that, what is good for the goose, is good to the gender.

It is a rhetorical question to ask whether it will be of financial benefit to issue licenses to grow and sell a profitable, highly demanded plant with a readily available market. That is the plight of indigenous South Africans who allege that they are been side stepped in the issuing of marijuana licenses and effectively been excluded from the related financial benefits.

The financial benefits do not only end with increased household income for the indigenous but it will also translate to increased income for the government in terms of taxes, fees and foreign exchange from exports.

This report confirms that by …

An American company Pura has announced that it has entered an agreement with an undisclosed Kenyan coffee farm to produce coffee to be laced with extracts from the cannabis plant. The company that is known for producing different products from the extracts of marijiuna plant.

CBD or Cannabidiol, is a less intoxicating product of Cannabis Sativa that treats a variety of mental issues. These include anxiety and depression. The Marijuana plant has been well researched and even more, findings are being released by the day.

Scientists have identified many sub-components of this plant but three components have remained central to scientific research. These include Cannflavins, which relieve pain and inflammation; CBD which affects anxiety and depression without giving users a ‘high’ and the much-debated tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is much sought after for recreational purposes.

CBD and THC have been identified by scientists to be quite similar. They both have …

The renowned CannaTech Summit will take place in the first time on the African continent, in South Africa from 24-26 November, organisers have announced.

The announcement of the summit, to be held at the Lookout at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, comes as the global medical cannabis market continues to expand and increasing numbers of countries around the globe legalise its use.

With estimates that the cannabis and associated products market could be worth R27 billion ($391.6 million) by 2023, this potential has led to a boom in regional cannabis interest and investment.

“The global interest in Africa’s cannabis market and South Africa’s recent legislative acceptance of cannabis makes Cape Town the perfect destination for CannaTech,” said Saul Kaye, founder, and CEO of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis.

CannaTech Cape Town will bring together industry leaders from across the African continent and the world, many known for their significant and ground-breaking contributions.…