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An artisanal cobalt miner in the DR Congo. The DR Congo has 70 per cent of the world’s cobalt and enormous deposits of lithium which are critical to the clean energy shift.

For Africa, energy security should come first due to the fact that the continent is the least polluter but it bears a disproportionate burden wrought on by climate change impacts. From 1850-2020, according to analysts, Africa’s global emissions contribution have remained below 3 per cent. However, the continent lost about 5– 15 per cent of GDP per capita growth annually from 1986 – 2015. 

With the aggressive shift to clean energy, Africa risks even worse human and economic crises due to the multipronged dangers of climate change and the possible displacements caused by mining activities. 

Already, climate change-related catastrophes have triggered internal displacement of 2.6 million people going by 2021 estimates. Violence and displacement are some outcomes of climate-related disasters which leaves millions facing acute food shortages and increasing vulnerability. If mining in the DR Congo, and Africa at large, continues as it has for decades, then the displacements, hunger …

Environmental impacts of cryptocurrency mining.
  • Cryptocurrency mining appears to be going in a different direction from the larger part of the world to fight carbon emissions
  • The United States- where 35.4 per cent of bitcoin mining takes place-releases over 40 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually, the equivalent of 9 million cars
  • The University of Cambridge states that bitcoin generates about 132.48 terawatt-hours every year
  • However, the cryptocurrency industry is looking to reduce 100 per cent of its carbon emissions by the end of this decade

There has been a debate about bitcoin mining facilities moving to Africa. The continent has the biggest potential to generate renewable energy sources, and the facilities will reduce saturation in the West and Europe.

Why renewable sources of energy? Bitcoin mining counts at the top of the world’s leading carbon-emitting industries!

Cryptocurrency mining appears to be going in a different direction from the larger part of the world to