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Africa Investment Forum
  • The AfDB and partners in Rabat, Morocco, are organizing the 2024 Africa Investment Forum to catalyze investments in Africa’s agriculture, infrastructure, and renewable energy.
  • The forum is a pivotal platform for advancing Africa’s economic integration, promoting policy innovation, and encouraging private-sector engagement and international collaboration.
  • By aligning with sustainable development, inclusivity, and green finance goals, the Africa Investment Forum aligns with global sustainability goals, positioning Africa in the transition to a green economy and attracting ethical investments.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Rabat, Morocco, the 2024 Africa Investment Forum Market Days, scheduled for December 4–6, is yet another cornerstone event for continental and global investors seeking growth opportunities in the continent.

The African Development Bank and seven founding partners will back this forum to drive investment-ready deals to fruition, further highlighting its critical role in Africa’s economic landscape.

Africa Investment Forum a catalyst for investment mobilisation

Since its inception …

Leaders of the Africa Investment Forum and stakeholders at a 2019 investment meeting.

A major topic of discourse is Africa producing its own vaccines. Now, both the private and public sectors in Africa are lobbying for what is essentially a very lucrative deal for the provision of much-needed affordable health care.

Only last year, members of the Africa Investment Forum team showcased two projects that were focused on the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Jointly, the two projects are worth over US$140 million and are to be carried out both in East and West Africa.

“The first opportunity, with a project cost of US$96 million, is for the development of a 250-bed specialist hospital offering world-class healthcare services in a West African country,” the Forum announced in a press release.

“The second project is for the construction of a US$45 million WHO-prequalified vaccine production plant in East Africa that will be capable of routine production of three vaccines, including for Covid-19,” the Forum announced.…

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Africa’s financial potential has become an interesting prospect for emerging market investors. Three decades ago a proposal to invest in Africa would have been considered ridiculous, but this is no longer the case. In fact, between 2006 and 2011, the continent was registering the highest returns on FDI at 11.4 percent, even higher than Asia at 9.1 percent, while the global average was 7.1 percent. To add to that according to the World Economic Forum, since 2000 “half of the world’s fastest-growing economies have been in Africa. As western markets mature and foreign investments saturate in Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and India, Africa is fast becoming the most lucrative investment destination. The inefficient African markets are an excellent source of excess returns, given the level of perceived risks. …

Support towards Africa’s private sector: Africa Investment Forum

Partners of the  Africa Investment Forum said the increased and decisive investment will be the channel for Africa’s economic recovery post-COVID-19.

The partners expressed their confidence in Africa’s potential to recover from the ongoing crises in the economy and health.

“Africa will come out of this pandemic, tough as it is, and will build better and stronger economies. As partners of the Africa Investment Forum, the premier investment platform for Africa, our gaze must be clear; help Africa reboot its economy,” said African Development Bank President Dr Akinwumi Adesina, during a two-day virtual meeting for Africa Investment Forum founding, institutional and knowledge partners.

During the virtual meeting, the Africa Investment Forum revealed 15 projects under its Unified COVID-19 Response identified across five sectors for priority funding consideration. The five sectors include energy, agriculture and agro-processing, health, ICT and telecoms and industrial and trade.

The 15 deals are from the forum’s …