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Advanced industries driving the surfacing of Emerging Markets in Africa.

Many, if not all, emerging markets have relaxed the regulations and restrictions related to FDI to encourage global investors to the continent.

The Business Insights on Emerging Markets 2021 also reported that the foreign direct investment in the emerging markets jumped from 15 per cent to 46 per cent over the last two decades.

The wave of technological advancements integrated with digitalization has captivated the globe and benefited the global economy in many unexpected ways. Developing countries in Africa need to embrace the fast pace technological revolution, which shall revamp the markets in the continent.

Emerging markets have been very active in creating the digital infrastructure for technological innovations accelerated by the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic.…

Renewable energy outdoes oil, coal and gas in Foreign Direct Investment.
  • In 2020, the capital investment in the renewable energy sector was at US$8.72 billion, outshining oil and gas for the first time
  •  Despite the damage caused to the climate, gas and oil are at the core of the energy sector, which is concerning
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) topped in the Middle East, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in renewable energy close to US$2.4 billion in 2020

One of the conclusions of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, which was held in Glasgow, Scotland, is that the climate change effect caused by fossil fuels on the earth might be irreversible by 2030.

The COP 26 conference emphasized the cutting down subsidies granted for coal and fossil fuels to low- and middle-income countries. However, there is no amicable consensus arrived on the above emphasis.

It appears that global financial firms are reluctant to curtail the direct and indirect financing of …

The 11th edition of the AIM 2022 will award best innovations towards realization of future smart cities.

The 11th edition of AIM 2022, held in Dubai, UAE, from 28th to 31st March 2022, aims to achieve the smart cities objective through one of its six pillars, the Future Cities Pillar.

The Future Cities Pillar rallies up government and investor support to maximize the potential of innovation, technologies, and smart city solutions. This pillar will enable all stakeholders, including governments and investors, to foster innovation in the urban planning and development arena that replaces traditional services.

AIM 2022 is leveraging through the Future Cities Pillar to create a secure environment that gives real value and benefits to all participating providers of such innovative city services.…

African governments to attend AIM 2022.

At the Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and Foreign portfolio investment (FPIs) Workshops, the countries’ representatives, governments, and cities will gain new insights from renowned industry experts from across the globe that will enrich their experience, thereby enabling them to establish themselves as lucrative opportunities for investment.

At the Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and Foreign portfolio investment (FPIs) conference sessions, participants from countries and government departments will be sharing expert insights, best practices, and ideal investment policies. They will also be taking part in the fruitful discussions that specialists from the investment community will lead to explore relevant topics about AIM’s first pillar – Foreign Direct Investment FDI.

At the AIM 2022 exhibition, the best local and international exhibitors across the globe, including the representatives of countries and investors, will gather to achieve economic growth for their respective countries and regions.…

AIM 2022 targets to improve the global economy.

Many investors are getting more and more cautious about the stability of business environments and the risks that come with them.

Small and Medium enterprises are now poised to play a crucial role in stabilizing and fixing the global economy. SMEs substantially outnumber big shareholding companies and create more job opportunities. They are inherently entrepreneurial, substantially contributing to the shaping of innovation globally.

All the creators and participants of the Annual Investment Meeting agree that SMEs are the centre and the life of emerging and developed economies. Small and Medium Enterprises are also critically important for driving global economic growth and achieving global Sustainable Development Goals.…

Polish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Paweł Jabłoński (C) with Polish Ambassador to Kenya at the Fire and Rescue Training Centre in Kiambu County on June 25, 2021. The station’s construction was co-financed by Polish aid – Poland’s Development Cooperation Programme.

The Polish Ministry of development is launching a new trade and investment agency aimed at supporting Polish businesses to expand abroad, with a focus on African and Asian markets. 

In 2017, the Polish Agency for Investment and Trade (PAIH) started operating within the Polish Development Fund (Group PFR) to develop Polish businesses. Group PFR implements financial instruments for trade purposes.  

The launch was due to the fact that the Polish government was focusing on several sectors including information communications technology (ICT), pharmacy to cosmetics, biotechnology, fashion and food. …

Smart Africa and the Annual Investment Meeting dirve digital transformation in Africa.
  • Smart Africa represents over 815 million people and more than 40 Private Sector members committed to Africa’s vision and advancement.
  • The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) tops in platforms offering a powerful and flexible combination of virtual and live environments in the world.
  • The International Telecommunication Union reports that an increase of 10 per cent of broadband connectivity results in an increase in the GDP per capita by 2.5 per cent.

Smart Africa and the United Arab Emirates’ Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) have reached a Memorandum of Understanding to stimulate Africa’s digital transformation investment.

The signed partnership opens an avenue for Smart Africa and AIM to collaborate on future core events to promote dialogue that will create progressive development agenda.

Who is Smart Africa?

Smart Africa is an association created by the head of States in Africa, global organisations and international private sectors that target revolutionising Africa’s digital platform.