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Diamond in Tanzania Gold mining in Tanzania
  • Tanzania is planning to attract over 2000 local and international investors to explore the vast opportunities in her mining industry.
  • The October 25 to 26th forum will help unleash strategies to execute better projects, finances, and investments.
  • By 2025, the government of Tanzania projects that the mining sector will account for 10 percent of her GDP. 

Over 2000 local and international investors are set to meet in an international conference in Dar es Salaam to explore innovative ways to unlock the full potential of Tanzania’s mining industry. The international conference, which will be held on October 25 and 26, will be hosted by the government in Dar Es Salaam in collaboration with the private sector via DMG Events

“Tanzania miners can’t work in isolation. We need to work with the world; hence you are welcome,” Dr Doto Mashaka Biteko, Minister for Minerals said at the Tanzania Mining and Investment Forum …

The slight dip by gold prices is related to strengthening of the U.S. dollar but it is not expected to stay down should new cases of coronavirus emerge. Photo/J.Rotbart&co

Gold producers and investors are happy after the mighty dollar having taken a dip owing to the resurgence of demand for gold and increasing gold prices around the world and the dollar value going down, for now.

In the most recent publication by FxStreet titled Gold Price Forecast, experts admitted that “…the US Dollar (USD) weakened, a tailwind for the yellow metal.”

However, if one thing we know about the dollar is that the green buck knows how to take punch. The dollar maybe down but it is not out as the report analysts point to the hovering market confidence in the dollar performance.

“The sentiment is upbeat, as shown by global equities trading in the green. As previously mentioned, market players are positioning for a possible Fed pivot, while economic data in the US continues to show further deterioration in the country, which, coupled with high inflation and lower …

Barrick Gold Tanzania

Barrick Gold, the New York Exchange-listed mining company with deep business ties in Africa, has once again ignited strong business prospects in Tanzania’s mines—one of East Africa’s nation endowed with abundant minerals.

Within its statement, provided on Thursday, January 28, 2021, the miner stated that its mines in Tanzania are revived and performing well, this comes after Barrick gold resolved laid disputes raised by the government and ushered new dawn of partnership in the profitable sector.

“The North Mara and Bulyanhulu gold mines both produced near the top end of their production guidance in 2020, their first full year under Barrick’s management. Including Buzwagi, the Tanzanian assets delivered a combined output of 462,472 ounces for the year” the statement read in part.

Road to ignition of business

Barrick—the world second-largest gold miner took over Acacia mining and went through a rather historic path to secure business in Tanzania, after rather …

President Magufuli wins elections - The Exchange

Tanzania reelects Magufuli President

It is five more years for Tanzania’s incumbent president John Pombe Magufuli after he was announced the winner of the 2020 elections last night.

Just a few minutes after the clock ticked 10 PM the Tanzania National Electoral Commission (NEC) Chairman Semistocles Kaijage announced Magufuli’s reelection.

According to NEC, the president-elect racked in 12.5 million votes of the 15 million people that voted (20 million registered to vote).

With the 85 % popularity vote not only does Magufuli take the top office again but his ruling party CCM also takes a historic position after knocking down all of the opposition strong holds.

Two of the top opposition leaders Tundu Lissu and Freeman Mboye all lost their parliament seats along with another outspoken opposition leader Zitto Kabwe.

In fact CCM has taken over 194 seats (this figure maybe higher) in the 393 member parliament,

As a United …