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Mozambique gets grant to advance its renewable energy resources.

The support for the 2023-2028 period takes into account that Mozambique is indicated as at the same time one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change and one of the least developed.

Despite the riches of its subsoil, the initiative foresees studies for the production of green hydrogen in Mozambique, and the Belgian Development Agency will supply solar panels to remote areas without connection to the electricity grid.

The supply of potable water and irrigation solutions based on solar energy is also being planned, the statement adds.

Belgium will also support the implementation of a national programme for sustainable waste management, which includes the construction of recycling facilities in Nacala and Nampula, with additional support from the NAMA Facility, a multi-donor fund.…

Trade relations between Belgium and the DRC.
  • In 2020, the DRC imported goods of over US$333 million from Belgium, with products such as blood, vaccines, refined petroleum and packaged medicaments topping the imports
  • Including the DRC in the EAC provides Belgium with almost all the imports they source from Africa from one region, the East African region
  • The atrocities committed by King Leopold II are dragging the relationship between these two countries

The war between Russia and Ukraine is shifting the focus of European countries to Africa as an alternative market for gas and food products. Among the relationships that have registered an upward trend is a partnership between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Belgium.

The trade relationship between the two countries has been in existence for decades now, performing well economically. In 2020, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) imported goods of over US$333 million from Belgium, with products such as blood, vaccines, refined petroleum …


While in France, President Samia attended the One Ocean Summit in Brest. The three-day summit discusses ocean safety and actions against the threats to the ocean. Among other things, initiatives launched at the summit aim to protect the marine ecosystem and develop sustainable fisheries.

The initiatives seek to fight pollution particularly from plastics as well as to respond to the impacts of climate change and to advocate for improved governance of oceans.

This State Visit follows last year’s visit to Tanzania by French Minister for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, Franck Riester, who visited the East African economic hub in October  2021.…

Coffee beans-The Exchange

The country`s coffee production is projected to dwindle by 23 per cent in the 2019-2020 season.

Africa`s fourth biggest coffee producer, Tanzania said the overall production in coffee would drop by 23 per cent in the next period due to delayed rainfall in the Northern regions, according to the Tanzania Coffee Board.

The crop for the season that starts in July may decline to 50,000 tonnes, the Tanzania Coffee Board stated on Monday 13th May, 2019 in a statement. It said last month that the country had experienced dryness in many growing areas, and that farmers would start collecting crops in May in the Kagera and Mara regions of the country.

After missing earlier targets to boost production, the country is considering distributing seedlings to farmers in an effort to double supply in five years. Arabica coffee accounts for more than half of Tanzania`s output, and it mainly ships …