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  • A number of factors are hindering Tanzania’s journey to make cashew its true cash cow.
  • Cashew nuts account for an impressive 15 percent of the country’s annual forex earnings.
  • Estimates show Tanzania contributes over 20 percent to the continent’s annual cashew nut supply, a remarkable feat by any measure.

Tanzania, a nation adorned with natural beauty and abundant resources, boasts a flourishing cashew nut industry that has long been a cornerstone of its economy.

Accounting for an impressive 15 percent of the country’s annual foreign exchange earnings, the cashew sector is undoubtedly a vital component of Tanzania’s economic landscape. Yet, amidst the lush orchards and the promise of prosperity, lies a story of unrealized potential. There are hurdles that the nation must overcome to harness the true power of its cashew bounty.

Ranked as Africa’s fourth-largest cashew producer, Tanzania contributes over 20 percent to the continent’s annual cashew nut …


protein rich nuts TanzaniaTanzania hopes to plant an ambitious 1.5 million cashew nut trees annually across some 535,000 acres of land in a new revitalized effort to grow output and increase revenue from the protein-rich nut.

Tanzania is already one of Africa’s largest cashew growers coming third after Nigeria and Ivory Coast. It is the world’s eighth biggest producer and if all goes to plan, the country wants to move up the ranks.

In a recent press communiqué, the Cashew nut Board of Tanzania (CBT) released projections that show that Tanzania would produce one million tonnes of the nuts in the 2023/24 harvest season.

The plan is a multiple-year scheme that would see the country increase output year after year as follows; 600,000 tonnes for the 2021/22 farming season, 800,000 tonnes were to be produced in the 2022/23 farming season and the 1 million mark would be met in the following farming season.

Centum Vipingo to create 1000 jobs

Centum Investment subsidiary Vipingo Development Limited says up to 1,000 coastal residents will get employment in a nuts processing factory currently under construction at its manufacturing hub in Vipingo, Kilifi County in Kenya.

According to the firm, civil works for the Sh1 Billion factory have been completed and erection of the prefabricated godowns is ongoing and set for completion by end of the year.

The project is being set up by a consortium of established international investors in the food processing and value addition sector who have acquired development rights from VDL.

Ken Mbae, Managing Director of Vipingo Development Limited, said the use of modular construction technology means the project will be operational by quarter one of 2022 and have an immediate impact on the economy of Kilifi County and beyond.

Vipingo Development Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Centum Investment PLC and is behind the transformation of the …

Cleaning cashew nuts. Africa is missing out on the wealth of opportunity offered by cashew nuts.

Africa is missing out on the wealth of opportunity offered by cashew nuts which have a booming global demand. 

This reality is despite the fact that the continent grows most of the world’s raw cashews. The losses come about because cashew nut producing countries in Africa only process a fraction of them.


Cumulatively, African countries grow more than half the world’s supply but they are not cashing in on the opportunity due to their lack of processing industries.…

900guineabissau dollar

further africaFor those investing and particularly interested in Africa, Guinea-Bissau is a country which, so far, has been “under the radar” for most of the investors.

Located in West Africa, bordering with Senegal and Guinea Conakry, Guinea-Bissau is a relatively small country, with 36.125 sq. Km. Around 25% of the total population (estimated in 2.072.000, by figures of April 2020) is based in the capital (Bissau).

The official language is Portuguese, with some other native languages been used (like Balanka, Fula and Mandinka). French is also spoken, due to the influence of the two neighboring countries. Most of the population is Muslim (45%), with 22,1% of Christians and the outstanding percentage spread by indigenous traditional popular religions. Guinea-Bissau is also characterized by a very high level of young population (the medium average age is only 18 years).

Politics in Guinea-Bissau

The political regime is a constitutional democracy, with …

The cashew nut season has just kicked off in Tanzania and the cash crop prospects are considerably getting richer, not only due to past learned experience but also, the strategy put in place by the Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture.

Cashew nut has been the most foreign currency high earning crop in Tanzania. Available data from the Ministry of Agriculture, show that cashew nut generated over $ 565 million in the previous season 2017/2018, exceeding contributions garnered from cotton, coffee, and minerals.

Tanzania is one of the vital producers of cashew nut in East Africa and the rest of the continent at large, alongside Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Kenya and Ivory Coast.

Further, according to a report by Fresh From Kenya, on cashew nut industry overview in Africa (2018), indicated that: in 2011,  Tanzania scored 8th position on the global scale and 4th in the continent on cashew nut production output, …