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A Data Centre. SDN cloud connectivity provider IX Reach is launching in East Africa in partnership with the Djibouti Data Centre.

Findings show that increasing costs in every market due to a year of supply disruption did not deter data centre demand in most markets including Nairobi and Johanessburg.

The two African capitals were among 44 other locations that were surveyed. 

According to the study, despite the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic, demand remained relatively steady when compared to other industries owing to governments’ decisions to make working and schooling from home mandatory. …

Workers at an e-waste dump in Agbogbloshie, Accra, Ghana. Africa should say no to all forms of dumping including second hand equipment.

While dumping enables consumers to goods affordably in the importing country, it more often than not destroys the local market by killing off industrial development of the importing country. This results in business closure and layoffs.
Ig there is anything that Africa should gain from the Covid-19 pandemic, it should be the ability to create its own solutions to its market needs. As we have seen with the vaccines apartheid, Africa can only grow if it puts in place measures to address its most immediate needs even as it builds value chains for posterity.
The pandemic shows that times are changing and it is important that Africa changes its stance on used items from western nations. Africa should stop being the world’s dumpster by saying no to these imports.…

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Green Buildings minigrid

Nature is in crisis, warns the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and as such, it calls on world leaders meeting for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) virtual summit (May-June), to pass the 30x30 plan, i.e. to turn 30% of the Earth into protected areas.


Led by Tanzania’s Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, who serves as the Executive Secretary for the UN Biodiversity Convention, the CBD is of the view that the more land is set aside, the more the planet can revive itself. 

Ongoing degradation of oceans, lands, and freshwater systems is destroying the planet’s ability to support life. It is so far reported that already up to a million species worldwide face extinction. …

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