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SRS Token | Humanity Protocol

A new chapter is being written in the vast expanse of Africa, where ancient civilizations once thrived and folklore has been passed down through generations. This chapter speaks of a financial revolution, a transformative movement that promises to redefine the continent’s economic landscape. At the heart of this transformation is the SRS token, a groundbreaking innovation by the Humanity Protocol poised to usher in an era of decentralized prosperity.…

Digital Asset Tax

Digital assets have become increasingly important in business and commerce, given their growing adoption by institutions, businesses, and individuals globally. Thus, the impact of crypto assets on tax systems has become all but impossible to ignore. As the number of transactions involving crypto assets continues to rise, so does the need for governments to establish a clear policy on taxing such transactions. In such a context, the absence of a deliberate policy position is a policy decision with consequences for tax systems.…

crypto mining hub

An efficient crypto mining industry can generate more job opportunities in Africa as the demand for miners, blockchain specialists, and technology specialists increases, . This encourages nations to enhance their energy and technological capacities to support crypto operations. These enhancements can considerably benefit other industries and the economy as a whole.

African nations must embrace the chance to become a crypto mining hub. This can aid in the digital economy’s growth, citizens’ financial standing, and the infrastructure for energy production. Consequently, African governments can invest in cryptocurrencies to acquire alternative funding sources for developing renewable and alternative energy sources.…

With Blockchain one can ascertain proof-of-work and proof-of-authorship if they upload their work.

One arrow in a pirating scheme quiver is the false claim to work or authorship or ownership.  With Blockchain one can ascertain proof-of-work and proof-of-authorship if they upload their work, comply with Blockchain agreements and get their digital certificate which includes a private key, kind of a personal signature.

This can prove ownership of the works as it is time-stamped and known to be in existence.   One can also trace the transactions and copyright use of their works and be able to calculate the intellectual property value in the forms of royalties and license fees and any other form of exploitation either economically or morally. 

For a long time, creatives have decried the often rigid and unclear remuneration process of their royalties, the blame always shuttling between collective management organizations, CMOs and the broadcasters.  …

Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany - April 17, 2018: Many coins of various cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies and the technology that enables them, blockchain, are here and they are here to stay.

They are not a fad. If there are circles, and there are many circles for that matter who still view them as a passing fad, then they are a fad that has been around for just over 14 years.

The first of the legions of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by a little known individual Satoshi Nakamoto. Protagonists of cryptocurrencies have touted the 14-year-old invention as humanity’s giant leap forward in financial innovation. Cryptocurrency’s longevity so far and its now widespread innovation, however, should not be taken as a ringing endorsement.

A loose definition of cryptocurrency is that it is a virtual currency designed to revolutionize peer to peer transactions without the need for an intermediary like a bank or a credit card agency, the exchange of personal information and or transaction …

The race of cryptocurrencies to gain popularity in Africa.

The race to adopt cryptocurrencies is hitting new ceilings in Africa as their popularity increases, despite hostile policies from several governments in the continent.

One of the main reasons investors across the globe are seeking to diversify traditional assets in Africa into cryptos is to counter rising fiat inflation, with a majority of crypto investors and traders believing that crypto coins and tokens are safer and more secure than traditional investments such as gold, oil, stocks, liquid cash and real estate.

The roles that these cryptos and alternative coins play in society are not well defined, but they have a vivid description as each day passes as to which purposes they serve.…

Environmental impacts of cryptocurrency mining.
  • Cryptocurrency mining appears to be going in a different direction from the larger part of the world to fight carbon emissions
  • The United States- where 35.4 per cent of bitcoin mining takes place-releases over 40 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually, the equivalent of 9 million cars
  • The University of Cambridge states that bitcoin generates about 132.48 terawatt-hours every year
  • However, the cryptocurrency industry is looking to reduce 100 per cent of its carbon emissions by the end of this decade

There has been a debate about bitcoin mining facilities moving to Africa. The continent has the biggest potential to generate renewable energy sources, and the facilities will reduce saturation in the West and Europe.

Why renewable sources of energy? Bitcoin mining counts at the top of the world’s leading carbon-emitting industries!

Cryptocurrency mining appears to be going in a different direction from the larger part of the world to

Trading strategies to profit from the cryptocurrency market.
  • Devising a crypto trading strategy that resonates with a trader’s financial goals and personality style is among the largest demotivation into exploring the diverse blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency markets
  • A trading strategy is an extensive plan that guides crypto traders on their trading activities
  • The strategy helps to mitigate financial risks by eliminating rush and unnecessary decisions. It, however, does not qualify as a mandatory tool to be a successful crypto investor

There are countless ways to profit from trading cryptocurrencies, and to do that, one needs trading strategies to help monitor and optimize a cryptocurrency portfolio.

Devising a crypto trading strategy that resonates with a trader’s financial goals and personality style is among the largest demotivation into exploring the diverse blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency markets.

Below is a comprehensive analysis of crypto trading strategies that can help beginners and even advanced traders in the market engage in

Blockchain technology ends fake and counterfeit certificates in South Africa.
  • The South African learning institution report has said it will issue blockchain-based certificates to its graduates in 2022
  • The report further explains that each qualification document given by the University of Johannesburg will have a QR code to verify its authenticity
  • The blockchain-based system is unique because it allows third parties, such as prospective employers, to verify a graduate’s certificate

Africa faces a crisis of insufficiently qualified university graduates, predominantly because of three significant factors. There is a lack of enough universities to administer high school graduates in the continent, a higher preference for overseas education and fake certificates that trash the ability to discern genuine qualifications in the market.

Blockchain technology in University degrees

However, the University of Johannesburg, A university-based in South Africa, has induced blockchain technology in its system to help counter the last setback.

The University has said it will issue blockchain-based certificates to students graduating

African governments postponing an inevitable crypto world.
  • Africans, starting from governments, startups, non-governmental organizations, and generally all the people in the continent, are losing much more for failing to adapt to the advancements in the digital world
  • Artists ranging from painters, drawers, actors, musicians, sculptors and writers can now sell their pieces of art across the world as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Every day, new games are launching on the metaverse and you can buy an altcoin in a game and earn real money from it!
  • bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a store of value and could be a haven asset in times of turmoil, playing the same role as gold

Several African governments have stood firm against cryptocurrencies even as blockchain technology takes over the currency markets. It appears that the dice on the shift to cryptos is already cast. The possibilities enabled by these cryptocurrencies make the switch imminent.

The biggest hindrances to the success of …