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AfCFTA facilitates better access to trade across the continent for all Commonwealth citizens in member states; being one of world’s largest trading blocs. During her visit to Kenya in 2018, SG Scotland noted that, “AfCFTA gives the perfect platform to facilitate trade across the Commonwealth. Nineteen members of the AU are part of the Commonwealth family, the protocol is groundbreaking news because research shows, that when Commonwealth countries trade with each other, its 19 per cent cheaper and this is the Commonwealth Advantage.”

The combined GDP of Commonwealth countries, with a total population of over 2.4B, is now around $13 trillion and is estimated to reach $19.5 trillion in 2027. “With intra-Commonwealth trade expected to surpass $700 billion in 2022, and Commonwealth countries comprising a number of free trade zones including the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), the Commonwealth Business Forum, provided a valuable opportunity to capitalize on global…

In the words of Charles Dickens these are “the best of times and the worst of times” – the financial world is suffering severe labour pains but is also pregnant with possibilities. It appears that the East African business world is breaking early for Christmas but I am sure that all of us are desperately trying to predict the future for both our local economies and the world in general. Here in Uganda we are seeing a significant increase in Covid-19 cases which is, of course, in no way linked to the frantic and socially un-distanced political campaigns currently taking place!! Frankly nothing is certain except considerable uncertainty. 

So if there aren´t any certainties then what are the likely economic and consumer trends for 2021? 

Economic Trends  

It is inarguable that a world economy that was already approaching its peak pre-Covid-19 period has moved rapidly into recession. The effects